This week’s goal is to create a blog for and publish the first entry

Everything powered by @SaltoHQ of course
I'm excited to share that now supports custom domains! 🎉

This week was great for Salto:
- Site and blogs performance is 10x faster than before
- Added support to custom domains

And it is not even Friday yet! 🙌💪
I'm still not sure about the price. I would like it to be $ 12 / month however it is a bit scary to charge more than $ 10 🙈

Today I changed headline. I'm not sure if the new one is better. But I like where it's heading. #buildinpublic
Ok, I found the name for my new project. Salto!

Also, made some progress with the logo

Ok, I'm jumping in the #buildinpublic train. Over the past two weeks, I have been working on the idea of a blogging platform powered by MDX.

It will help you write interactive technical blog posts, add custom react components, beautiful code snippets with 0 setups!