It's the simple things. I'm in love this little menu and profile component I built in @bubble for the Outventure project⚡️

Inspired by @airbnb of course.

Adds a touch of class *chefs kiss*

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The Outventure build in @bubble is going well so far. Got the main screens close to finished. Need to work on some user stories next ⚡️

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🔥 Alright, last page structure designed. Time to jump into @bubble and build this thing over the weekend.

I'll drop you an update on the other side.

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⚡️ Further designs for a new project. Going to aim to have the MVP fully operational on @bubble in the next week.

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Here's a quick one showing how I setup my Twitter dashboard yesterday to show me New Followers, log my Tweets and some other information.

Inspired by @heyeaslo and customised with some Notioncharts! :)…

#tweet100 #buildinpublic #Notion
This morning I built an automated new follower tracker for my #Twitter dashboard in @NotionHQ using @zapier

It took about 15 minutes to setup.

Drop a comment if you want to see how it works 👋

Huge progress on the Blocksloth MVP today 🔥

Here's an updated version of our signup flow complete with cute sloth pics on display to make you feel all cuddly about signing up 🦥

#nocode #ux #buildinpublic
Is anyone else's @bubble being funky today? Mines performing like its had a few too many pina coladas around the pool at my aunts wedding in Greece 🍹

Anything to do with the cloudflare sitch this morning?

#nocode #buildinpublic
Super helpful for all the #nocode #buildinpublic and #makers out there!
MakerBox on Product Hunt! 😻🚀

Our first Indie project is finally live!

We collected 600 tools with GENEROUS Free plans for Makers. Now you can focus on building, not searching for the right tool.

#buildinpublic, check it out!

Link in the comments 👇
Working on improving the Blocksloth 🦥 signup and onboarding function today.

Will share the results later ✅

Working in @bubble and #buildinpublic is a joy! :)
Today I'm excited to announce the first of many #buildinpublic projects from @litmuslabs_

Blocksloth is a collection of over 100 *useful* web3, crypto and NFT resources.

A quick thread 🧵 1/4

Goals for the week:

🐤 Tweet daily for #tweet100
☑️ Complete first #buildinpublic project for @litmuslabs_
🤓 Complete @buildcamp course

Gonna be a great week! What’s everyone else working on?
After going all in on twitter this week - one thing I have noticed is how quickly the algorithm has gone to town on my feed. You would think that #nocode, #buildinpublic and #crypto people rule the world.

Then I went outside and was like...

Today, I’m insanely excited to announce the launch of Litmus Labs (@litmuslabs_) with bestie @CallowsTweets 🎉

We’ll be using #buildinpublic principals and #nocode tools for the whole thing 😊

See behind the curtain… 1/5 🧵