if you want to cancel your plan in @tryFlightPath , that's fine

but you're gonna have to deal with a fallen blue bird from @midjourney_ai

behind the scenes building @tryflightpath and adding features.

i feel (biased) this is going to be the most comprehensive and productive tweet scheduler you'll use for yourself or your brand. #buildinpublic
ok, got the prompts down enough to

hone in on a specific style and look for

the @squabbble blog. super excited how it looks

#buildinpublic #founderjourney
started out with just the `dashboard` menu link

and now 7 more links. #progress #BuildInPublic #OpenSaaS
needed this so bad,

you will be able to respond to multiple

chargebacks from the same customer within the

same chargeback category

#BuildInPublic #OpenSaaS @squabbble
i make roughly $300k/yr net (before taxes)

my goal is to keep growing @tryratingfish

and my other stealth app under development

to get to $1M/yr in revenue by end of 2024.

let's see if I can do it. #manifest #buildinpublic
@crisp_im has so many global customers

who then are our potential customers,

i had to add country flags to our admin page

just to get a sense of where everyone is from

#buildinpublic @tryratingfish
i sleep naked

but i'll 100% jump out of bed

and answer support tickets naked at my home desk

for all of these new global customers

on these different time zones

#buildinpublic @tryratingfish
upgraded (changed) the hero section of @tryratingfish

and got our first customer. :-)

$25 ā†’ $1K journey

#buildinpublic #bip #saas #hero #tryratingfish
second customer now interested in @tryratingfish

since we launched on the Crisp platform.

slow and steady, slow and steady

creating ads on twatter for @tryratingfish

who is the g.o.a.t. of twitter ads? all mentions appreciated.

@tryratingfish twitter is officially launched.

follow along here for my #buildinpublic journey

as I build out the most robust NPS feedback tool

for the @crisp_im platform
put together a rough wireframe in @MiroHQ

for my UI/UX designer. this will be v2 of

Rating Fish; my NPS survey tool for the @crisp_im platform


what metrics are important to you

when evaluating your support team?
was able to grab the domain (not active)

for my new NPS widget I'm building for the @crisp_im ecosystem.

going to #BuildInPublic on this one and take it from

ZERO to EXIT through @microacquire

would love for you to follow along...

should I blog the #BuildInPublic posts

at my personal blog:

or on the @tryChopSuey company blog ?
Plan on doing a weekly email spotlight of the best w0rk spaces that get submitted. Hoping that keeps the site fresh in folks minds but also think hand curated w0rkspaces would be cool #buildinpublic
Cant wait to launch and see everyone's workspaces. I also hope the community is excited to show them off as well. Should be hopefully launching by end of next week. :-) #BuildInPublic #bip
35,000 lines of code later and we are close to launching @tryChopSuey .

āœ… API's integrated
āœ… oAuths done
āœ… blog up; articles almost finished
āœ… v2 and v3 features plotted
āœ… registration workflow done

#buildinpublic #bip #SaaS