July ‘22 report:
💰 Income: $22,675
📆 Days worked: 16
🌎 Countries visited: 🇲🇽🇬🇹
🌋 Volcanoes hiked: 2

(Income is mix of contracting and app sales/subscriptions)

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1️⃣ build cool products
2️⃣ get them to maturity
3️⃣ enjoy 99% passive income

15th of each month is payday 💰

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Which indie hackers should I follow? Looking for some freshness in my timeline 🚀🔥🚀
iOS apps subscription revenue just hit $300 MRR 📈
ASO changes and new locales incoming
#indiehacker #buildinpublic #bootstrapper
Marketing week for
- localized app to fr, es and pt
- Added Firebase Analytics for conversion tracking
- Strategically show review prompt while generating video
- Hired ASO expert
- Hired illustrator for new app icon

Insp. By @yongfook

Eyeing $10k/month next.
New milestone: reached $5k/month from my apps 🥳
That's my portfolio of small bets:
- consult 4 days a week
- indie hack on macOS apps ( and iOS apps (…) on nights and weekends
cc @dvassallo
#buildinpublic #indiehacker #indiedev
After 3 years of hard work, I’ve 2x’ed my previous salary at Apple doing a mix of consulting and indie hacking.
This is the freedom I had been longing for 🙂
Successful Product =

Nice to have product x low price x large product audience


Must have product x high price x niche audience

There’s no in-between.

iOS apps revenue is slowly growing 🙂