#Buildinpublic #100DaysOfCode Day 2

- More work on the new homepage
- Turn more of the HTML into reusable Angular 12 component
- Update API to add missing data
- Update API docs.
#buildinpublic #100DaysOfCode Day 1 (reset)

- More work on front-end
- Home page coming along nicely
- Carousel using dynamic data via API call for test purposes
#buildinpublic #100DaysOfCode Day: 1

- update and fixes to angular 12 structure and base components
- update API documentation
- add new endpoints created to API documentation
Alright, less stock talk. Back to #buildinpublic

Starting tomorrow I am going to try to do #100DaysOfCode, and do daily updates.

Been pretty bad the last week and a half with getting work done on my project. Gotta step my game up.

Updating my Monday task list now, and might check out Weekrise by @tobiasherber_

Auditing all current tools, servers, databases, seeing where money can be saved, and things can be improved for stability.

Got some great feedback over the weekend on r/web_design.

Going to implement some of the suggestions in the design before updating API.

If you want to shape the future of @boxofficebuz, make sure to suggest features and ideas here

The git pull after you refactor some code

- Few changes to the API so that a staging environment can be set up
- integrate @imagekitio into the project so it can be tested in staging

- Create a new aws bucket and do some file transferring
- Look into changing Elastic Search provider
- Cleanup staging

Setting up an API service check endpoint so decided to test out @FreshworksInc.

Changing things up on the site design a bit. Here is some progress

- Testing out a new auth provider just in case I switch from Auth0.
I've had @auth0 for almost 6 years and they are great, but I'll have to look elsewhere. $228 / month for 10K "Active" users is just way too much. Only have "admin" users right now, but V2 will allow anyone to sign up and I can't risk it. #Buildinpublic

- Brainstorming
- Lots of design work. Branding. Site design. Logo Design. Update API Docs. Very design heavy day

- Update API documents
- Add new ideas to the roadmap
- look into less expensive image compressor for uploads

- Upload endpoints working and secure
- I have to change up a few bucket permissions
- RabbitMQ now working with webhooks
- More development on front-end