I've been experimenting with running my #facerecognition algorithm as a server-side process to deploy as an API. The results have been amazing, and this is how I'm going to launch my product - a face recognition API. Pretty excited to see it play out. #buildinpublic @IndieHackers
Makers in #buildinpublic community, what marketting strategy helped you land your first paying customers?
#buildinpublic community, what does your workbench look like?

This is mine. Looks a bit messy, but it works out for me since I have a tiny little table
Attendance marking made much faster and easier using my #facerecognition algorithm. In a single cycle, all faces are identified and marked as present, along with marking the absentees. Great for taking attendance in large classrooms #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic #indiehackers community, how do you plan your week to maximise productivity in both your 9-5 and side hustles?
I can't wait to get home from my 9-5 so I can work on my #buildinpublic projects. At first I thought it would be tiring doing both, but it turns out I'm actually more energised by the evening just from the thought of working on my own projects 😀
Anyone know how I can remove the bots in my follower list? And does anyone else in the #buildinpublic community face this problem of unnecessary bots following you?
I sat down to build a smart mirror. The major problem I ran into is that the monitor I have is probably as old as me, and not touch screen, so it doesn't really give the "mirror" effect. Any suggestions on cheap touch screens?
It's a blistering hot Sunday. You know what that means - turn on the air conditioning, stock up some Coca-Cola and get to work on your #buildinpublic projects. What are your plans?
Imagine my surprise when I found out smart mirrors aren't actually mirrors 🤯🤯

Anyway, I'm building one and integrating my #facerecognition algorithm in it for a better user experience. Let's see how it goes. #buildinpublic
Today I'm building an attendance system using my #facerecognition algorithm. But I don't want to do the traditional "click a photo mark the attendance" thing. Any innovative ideas?
#buildinpublic #indiedev
Developed a simple image tagging system using my #facerecognition algorithm. Tag a face once and it automatically gets tagged in every photo. It takes less than a second and multiple faces are recognised in a single cycle. That's how powerful this is. #buildinpublic #indiemakers
Just finished adding the face localisation function to my #facerecognition system. So far it looks good. Tuning it a bit more and then I won't need close up shots of faces anymore. It should accurately work on images where a person is standing far away. #buildinpublic
Exploring the potential of #facerecognition makes one wonder about the ethical considerations and respecting privacy of the target users. What steps do you think should be taken to ensure projects align with ethical principles? #ethics #buildinpublic
Follow me as I keep posting updates on my latest experiments. #buildinpublic
I have a face detection algorithm in the testing phase which is a crazy amount more accurate than this haarcascade. I will use that in the next update. #buildinpublic
Follow up on my #facerecognition model. Fixed a few bugs and used a video for real-time face recognition. More info in the thread. Let me know what you think #buildinpublic #MachineLearning #indiemakers