The landing page for my face recognition API is built on Wix. The actual API will be running on AWS. I need a secure way to create API keys after a user has paid and update the key on the database (will also probably use AWS or MongoDB)

Any suggestions?
After numerous delays, I'm finally entering the final phase of getting my #facerecognition API ready for a beta.

Any suggestions on effective marketing techniques to let people know about it?

How do you manage to keep up with your day job + side hustles + maintaining a Twitter presence?? I literally have not had time to open this app all of last week

#buildinpublic #indiemakers
Expecting to finish the landing page for my Face Recognition API by this weekend :)

Once that's done there are a few things to tweak in the actual API and then I'll be inviting Beta testers.

#buildinpublic comment below if you would be interested in the beta testing program
The look of judgement I got from the graphic designer I consulted to improve the look of my landing page though 🥶

After spending about a month on the landing page of my Face Recognition API I realised two things:
1 - The actual product in a product launch is a very small part of the entire venture
2 - I should not be left unsupervised with the task of a website design
It's been a super busy week. Averaging less than 5 hours sleep per day too. Didn't get time at all to post updates about my face recognition API.

How was your week #buildinpublic ?
Got an off from work today. This means I get a long weekend and plenty of time to work on my face recognition API 😃

What are your plans for today?
How are your projects coming along?
Been testing out my #facerecognition API integration in @bubble . So far it looks good. Might create a plugin for it when I launch the API :)
When you take a 2 day break from your #buildinpublic project, the code starts to look Greek when you're back. Goes on to show the importance of documentation and commenting
#buildinpublic how long did it take for you to get your first paying customer?
Just completed writing the "try it yourself" feature for my face recognition API. Next step is to test a complete flow from registration to payment to exhausting a daily/monthly limit.

Got a busy 10-15 days ahead 😄
Weekend flies by really fast. I thought I would get a lot done over the weekend but before I realised, it was already Monday.

Still got a bunch of work on my #buildinpublic project done.

What's your plan for the week?
What's your Sunday plan #buildinpublic?

Mine is to finish off a freelancing gig I have going and then test my #facerecognition algorithm in #NoCode applications
Now that I have most of the technical work out of the way for my #facerecognition API, I will now work on setting up the landing page and get organic traffic going. I think blogs on the site would be a good starting point.

Stayed up almost the entire night working on my #facerecognition API. I believe it's ready to be launched and I'll be inviting beta testers soon!

Stay tuned.
It's insane how many non technical tasks are involved in a product launch. Right now I'm working on the landing page for my #facerecognition API and the most off putting task I have on my to-do list is writing a TOS and Privacy Policy document
Should I design my API's pricing as a pay per use system or a fixed price per month and a certain upper limit on number of calls?

The latter will also have an additional per token charge if the limit is exceeded so the user's applications don't stop working
I started working on the API from a different angle now. Last night I completed and tested the logic for maintaining a transaction count for the API calls. The rate limiter function is completed. Now, a user may not make more than a fixed number of calls per month #buildinpublic