Marketing is the same as

1. finding distribution
2. product led growth
3. being visible in a news article

What else?

the advice is always to ship fast

It's true

But figure out marketing first

My first startup mistake is that

I figured my marketing approach would work

I failed to figure the intricacies

Wasted time

Marketing innovation includes

1. Free viral product
2. Influencer recommendation
3. Freemium service
4. Running a podcast

What else?

If you don't like marketing

build free products around your main one

That's also marketing 101

With everyone going into AI

What will be the key differentiation to scale?

Marketing innovation

That's where the winners will be

My key marketing roadblock

Is a self hosted open source app

Once I'm done with ChatGPT integration

Next step -> #selfhosted #opensource Atomic


Target -> > 1k github stars

I guarantee this is how it will play out

Want to bet?

Follow me to find out
Marketing is a key component of your startup

Unless you're ChatGPT

Marketing is not just a podcast

It could also be a github page

I get an average of 2 new users registered on Atomic

I'm still working on the Chat interface

I think this average will probably go up once

ChatGPT is incorporated

How long?

1 month give or take

Atomic + ChatGPT will be ready for Prime time!

Current Atomic progress:

1. creating the bridge between the calendar API and Chat for
- user request
- missing fields

Future plans:

Desktop app:

your data + your calendar + transcription

To Chat with

Ultimate productivity app in the works!

What if you could combine your data that holds your work and your time to get shit done in one interface?

Chat -> simple, intuitive and quick

This will be the ultimate goal of Atomic!

Chat is the new interface

It's just more natural to get things done

Atomic's new Chat interface

Already getting a lot of queries

Users can't wait to give it a test drive

Being a 1 man product has its down sides

Can't make it fast enough!

Can you ask your calendar this?

"When is my next appointment?"
"What time is my meeting with [person] on [date]?"
"Are there any overlapping events on my calendar?"
"Do I have any free time on Thursday?"

- User experience and speed will keep
- Coming soon!

Go to market strategy is very important

A good product might have product led growth

But it needs a spark somewhere

Figure out your spark

That's marketing 101

working on GPT-4 + Atomic:

"Clear my schedule for tomorrow". This will move events and delete events based on context.

New skill added with ChatGPT in Atomic:

"Schedule a priority meeting with [name]. Go ahead and move things around to make it work"


The most important skill you need

Everything else is experience

Marketing lies on a spectrum

You can sell a to do list

With the most exceptional marketing


You can sell a 10x better product

With zero marketing

Neither is better than the other

Progress on ChatGPT for calendar

Things to do -

1. update task via chat

2. remove task

3. query system for asking ambiguous questions

Solving a pain point is important

So is distibution

If you don't solve it

You don't have a business

One exception:

10x solutions tend to spread faster with social media