Problems are not new

Solutions are

Problems that people care about

Can be found by the solutions in the wild

Now just make a solution that's better

Automagic validation

Anything completely new will need a lot of funding

Not for indiehackers

react native vector icons just don't work on the web

I need to replace all the components that use it under the hood

If Google adds Bard to Gmail.

Will people use an extension for ChatGPT?

I'm still going to make one!

My secret weapon!

It's not so secret anymore lol!

Here's an update on Atomic + ChatGPT

- Some react native component libraries are incompatible with the web

1. Need to replace those.
2. Timeline is being pushed back 😭

Turns out it's not a perfect 1:1 conversion

Atomic is doing surprisingly bad on ProductHunt


Atomic is live on ProductHunt

Any support is appreciated!

B2B SaaS has a long sales cycle

You need to build trust before making a sale

Don't give up hope

Find a way to build trust

I have 2 product-led growth engines planned

1. Self-hosted docker solution
2. A secret one

The secret one will be free

It's also a shovel

Yup free shovel for everyone!πŸš€

Hint: not in a literal sense

Follow to find out what it is when I launchπŸš€

I'm at 198 followers

Who wants to be the lucky 2?

GPT-4 & other LLMs are going to disrupt almost every

- text-based industry like knowledge bases

What else?

Product led growth tactics save you money

- Social proof is a product led growth tactic

What else is?

Selling shovels is a lot easier

1. marketing apps are shovels

What else is a shovel?

The thing I was missing in my product is:

1. A shovel
2. Product-led growth

These two are my going to be part of the next release!

@remotejoeclark #buildinpublic works

Users see your authentic self

They relate

They want you to succeed

Be you Joe

It's magic in its own right
Converted all my react native components to the web

1. stripe
2. add some navigation components from the web


Will I finish by this coming Thursday?

Reply with a πŸ‘Š to hold my accountable!
For indiehackers

Change is the only constant

Never stay still

The alternative is much worse

After much debate internally and going back and forth in my head, I decided to make the 23rd, the launch date…

Zoom is officially approved!

Still working on webapp