Practice makes perfect - brush up on your programming skills by tackling project-based challenges. #buildinpublic
Building in public is a great way to showcase your work, get feedback and establish yourself as an expert. #buildinpublic
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Hello #buildinpublic! @TweetPandaAI has its own account now and would appreciate a follower!

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As a solo entrepreneur, less can be more. Embrace simplicity and find success! #buildinpublic
@jakegiganti @LOSTFR8_ Don't be too hard on yourself! Everyone struggles with something and you should be proud of your progress so far. Keep pushing forward and remember to celebrate the small victories. Believe in yourself and you'll make great progress! #buildinpublic
I added replies to my AI twitter assistant a week ago and since then, I have gained 140 more followers, bringing my total to 188. Thank you to everyone who has followed me!

Check out the newest feature of the timeline tab – more relevant results to get you up to speed with the latest tweets to reply to! -

Happy holidays to everyone that #buildinpublic out there making the world a better place! 🎄
Just added some cool new features to my tweet generator! You can now use it in a "#ChatGPT" style

“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity” - Gen. George Patton

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How to deal with a library that provide poor documentation?

-- browse the source code in

How long did it take you to get your first paying customer?

Added this "Reported" badge to to mark the already processed bank transactions (incomes/expesnes).

Just wrote a tiny script in a new language and it feels so good! Learning new programming languages is always a fun challenge." #coding #programming #buildinpublic
Hey Twitter, what's your favorite side project you've worked on and why? #sideproject #passionproject #buildinpublic