Tiny Tasks v1.7.0 ✨

🛳️ Shipping one of the most fun features I've worked on lately: you can now add priority levels to individual tasks.

It will be available here in a few hours…

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Tiny Tasks v1.6.1 ✨

Removed the "Reset Tasks" switch button, updated the “Save” button to a check icon, and the “Clear tasks” button now removes all non-recurring tasks…

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#buildinpublic 30+ people are using Tiny Tasks now! Only one month after launching. 🙂

If you're in need of a simple, straightforward, and fast to-do list chrome extension to help you get things done, give it a try!…

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Tiny Tasks v1.6.0 ✨

Improved the way Reoccurring Tasks work and behave.

They now reset at midnight every day independently from having the "Reset tasks" button turned on.

📝 More details here…

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#buildinpublic working on making Reoccurring Tasks repeat independent of having the Timer button switched.

#buildinpublic Mistakenly took down Tiny Tasks from the Chrome extension store 😂 🥲
#buildinpublic thinking of exploring the idea of setting priority levels for to-dos on Tiny Tasks this week.

Drop screenshots of apps that you think are doing it right. Otherwise, I'll try going from first principles. That sounds like reinventing the wheel tho.

We'll see.
#buildinpublic here is what the Reoccurring Tasks feature looks like and works.
Got reoccurring tasks’ experiment working on Tiny Tasks. Playing and trying to figure out the final design 🧪

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I wonder how many users would find recurring tasks on Tiny Tasks. I'm exploring the idea this weekend ♻️

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Firefox (@firefox) makes trying to add an extension a total pain.

Probably not worth the time, energy, and effort anyways since it has a much smaller market share/user base compared to Chrome.

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What are indie creators using for feedback management and roadmap display? #buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
Tiny Tasks v1.3.0 ✨

- wider body
- supporter link

I have created a supporter page where I will be posting work in progress, behind-the-scenes, and hidden features.

You can check it out here:

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Does anybody have an extra invite for @wip and is kind enough to share it with me? I've applied but there are hundreds in the line 🥹

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Tiny Tasks - v1.2.0 ✨

- Added the option to hide/show completed tasks from the list
- Replaced the delete task button icon

What do you want to see next?

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I've been building Tiny Tasks for myself until now. It was my secret creative outlet. But I think people who like simple, straightforward, quick to-do list apps would also take advantage and enjoy using it.…