day14+15 of #buildinpublic

- logistics for Dcentral Miami trip
day 13 of #buildinpublic

- not much, did black Friday shopping and prepped for dcentral miami
day 12 of #buildinpublic

- finished work for hackathon
day 10 of #buildinpublic

- day 1 of DMZ hackathon against hate
day 9 of #buildinpublic

- hackathon call
- lots of screen time
day 8 of #buildinpublic

- YouTube channel banner
- genomics
- cleanup
day 7 of #buildinpublic

- tks session
- even more reflection
day 6 of #buildinpublic

-edited a YouTube video
-more self reflection
day 5 of #buildinpublic

not much Twitter worthy today, just testing new schedule, seems to work for me
day 4 of #buildinpublic

- ✍️ published medium article
- 🕛 created a new daily schedule
day 3 of #buildinpublic

- had a sick call with @valkyrieholmes
- not much else, I need to get better at killing procrastination
day 2 of #buildinpublic

- not much today, I went on a road trip with friends to another town to meet my friends at the university there.

photo @ ivey School of business, for some reason I can't tag the location
day 1 of #buildinpublic

- made a rap song verse
- finished writing an article on decentralization, yet to edit it