I found that staticjinja works perfectly in for my uses case. Right now I am planning to generate the static site and push it into the Linode object storage so that I can setup the custom domain for my each blog users. #buildinpublic
Currently testing the incoming email webhook feature from the SendGrid. Almost stored the content in database. There are lot of parsing need to be done before storing.

I'm planning to implement my own static site generator now.

Moving away from the @Mail_Gun because of the receive feature is the paid one. #buildinpublic
Oh no to use the incoming webhook feature in @Mail_Gun I need to pay 35USD/Month. I am still not sure my idea is going to succeed or not so let see if SendGrid allows on the freemium. #buildinpublic
✅Done some basic homepage design for the blogstreak
✅Authentication also done using the mailgun OTP.

☑️Next step is to test the incoming email.
☑️Build the static site generator.

Instead I have the revue newsletter where I will talk about all of my weekly updates from my personal projects to my personal domain articles. #buildinpublic
I don't know what the hell I'm doing in the GraphQL but looks like there is totally 78271384 users on Github. Oh it's increasing each refresh crazy. #buildinpublic
Alright let's quickly grab the Github emails and then do the blogstreak incoming email receive in mailgun. #buildinpublic
Oh I just find a new idea for

There is lot of people in Github. Some of them are okay to display email address in their profile. I'm going to use the GitHub API to grab those email address.

I'll let my customer use those user as target. #buildinpublic
This is official I am going to launch all of my four side project in the same day in @ProductHunt #buildinpublic

2. ☑️
3. ☑️
4. ☑️
Weekend is about to start and I already started working on my second project #buildinpublic
Closing my stripe account I don't think they will grant me access to accept international card payment. #buildinpublic
Configuring all of my domain under the @linode DNS #buildinpublic
I don't know this idea got executed or not. Back in 17 StackOverflow discontinued documentation. I still think it's one of the best feature but sadly there is no more.

Also SO made it available public so I am just going to use that on the #buildinpublic
Question: Do you always spin up a new VPS instance for your side project or use the existing one to host the new one?

#buildinpublic @IndieHackers @wip @ProductHunt @GetMakerlog
Alright twitter automation integrated in Perfect Users. Now user can target the twitter audience for their startup.


✅ Fixed bunch of issues on the @getperfectusers website.
☑️Next working on the tweet integration

Worked on this piece of code today in the process to integrate Gumroad with my project.

After user purchase Gumroad will redirect me to my website and I validate and then show the results in

#buildinpublic #100DaysOfCode
Have not officially launched the project but there is so many pivot in the building.

Currently looking into Gumroad for selling the one off service instead of the subscription way.

I think this is the best way for @getperfectusers #buildinpublic
Okay starting the new experiment now on Twitter.

I am going to find customers for the project that are currently building in public. #buildinpublic