I can't believe it but it's real. I got accepted into Twitter Elevated Access. πŸš€

Time to build Twitter direct message feature for #buildinpublic
I have started a new side project. πŸŽ‰

It's a cold DM tool. Let's knock each one DM and tell them about your project in a scalable way. #buildinpublic
I just got deployed on DigitalOcean server.

It's so weird that I don't have to setup ssl for dot app and it's secured by default which is awesome.

I just got deployed on DigitalOcean server. #buildinpublic
I created a public Trello board to show what's going on in the development side.

It's still in early stage but I need some kind of accountability and trackable tasks. #buildinpublic
Just completed the "Login with Reddit" feature and I done this in like 10 minutes.

That easy is Reddit. #buildinpublic
Just applied to Twitter Elevated access. Previously I had access to version 1.1 apps but that is upgraded now Twitter doesn't have direct message feature in version 2.0 apps so applying for elevated will grant me access to both v1.1 and v2.0 #buildinpublic
Oh in another news I'm building the MVP as soon as possible because I need it literally. πŸ˜‡ #buildinpublic
How much trust needed from the company so that business can grant access to these scopes?

I have an open source project idea that I think it will trend on Hacker News.

I going to hosted the documentation on my site so that I will be a big boost to SEO and page views.

This gonna be my weekend hack #buildinpublic
Talking to people and finding people need your product is awesome feeling #buildinpublic
Have not made any progress other than re-arch the project with htmx.

After completed the HTMX integration now my Django server render application feels like SPA.

Good for repackaging into mobile application using capacitor js.

βœ… Episode listing is done

User will be landing on this page after clicking the podcast cover image and my next task is to add play button.

@myfirstmilpod βœ…Created a landing page for the application. Using iTunes search API I can just list all of the available podcasts.

β˜‘οΈTo add list of podcast episode is the next task.

Tech Stack: Python, HTMX, AlpineJs

I'm a Podcast Listener. Especially I love to listen @myfirstmilpod

Too much info on it but I'm interested in the links they are mentioning.

It will be great if there is a service I can just tab links and open up whatever they mentioned.

Alright time to build #buildinpublic
I'm starting a new project @unbundle_app

Cold email is so out of fashion and knocking the front door on social media is the new thing.

Follow me to get updates #buildinpublic
There will be ups and downs in indie hacking journey but consistency is key.

What else I can do to stay in this #buildinpublic space apart from random tweets?
Updated my blog from Bulma to TailwindCSS

I've waited for dark mode support in Bulma but it's not coming so I decided to switch to nicer css framework.

Also leant a tons of utility classes and I'm confidence to make landing pages. #buildinpublic
Yo all I'm taking break from indie hacking.

My contract job is ending and I need to brush up my Algo skills to reapply jobs.

Will update end of this month about how that goes until than happy shipping to you all.. #buildinpublic
I felt low on weekend so I came up with 17 different ways to promote my side project.

Now for this week let me get into action and promote.