Alright! Taking break will come back strong #buildinpublic
I was this close to close my side project for good but then I found the competitor who doing the exact same thing as I do and I'm back to business #buildinpublic
Stats for @dmbirdapp πŸ“ˆ

I cold DM 200 people and eight people replied.

I think need to add A/B testing my default templates to increase the conversation rate.

Right now it's 16 % conversation rate. #buildinpublic
If you're a CSS framework then please use your own CSS utilities to make your own homepage. #buildinpublic
Thinking of way to remove the free plan from @dmbirdapp project. #buildinpublic
Does anyone know how do I extract first name from the name?

I'm talking about mixed names, this may contain emoji and last name and some acronym and also some words but I need to get the first name only.

AI/ML solution also fine #buildinpublic
Just registering for cold emailing on Twitter.

I have wrongly choose to include Reddit and Twitter first but turns out account blocking will be high on Reddit but thankfully Twitter is more welcome with cold email.

So focusing on Twitter #buildinpublic
Mm I have this idea for the freelancer, contractor or general software engineer.

If you one of them shall we connect for a quick chat? #buildinpublic
Whoot! Whoot πŸŽ‰ πŸš‚

Payment integration with Paddle is done βœ…

Two weeks back I applied to Paddle for Payment processing. They accepted my business and I integrated with Paddle.

Time to collect money πŸ€‘ #buildinpublic
I call this a two-tier indie stack 🀘

If I want to work on a marketing I can just open a frontend repo.

Similarly for the backend is separate and no co-relation with frontend whatsoever. #buildinpublic πŸš€
βœ… Added pricing section to my side project.

Free for people to explore the project a bit but not giving much control over the application but the paid one does.

By paying yearly they have two months free with it.

What do you think about my pricing page?

βœ…Added Archive button. Now if you don't want to send cold message then you can just archive.

πŸ‘‰ #buildinpublic
How do you promote your project on Twitter? #buildinpublic
Slowly adding little things to my side project.

It's impossible to work on landing page when you work for 9-5 but these little things adds up will give better results.

βœ… Today I worked on adding screenshot to the homepage

πŸ‘‰ #buildinpublic
Done with payment integration next step is to invite waiting list people. #buildinpublic
Working on punch of improvements to my side project.

1. βœ… Completed manually add twitter users into Unbundle.

2. βœ… Add user timeline so that you can customise your cold DM accordingly.