I hired an intern for an indie hacking journey.

Now he will work on my side projects when I'm working at my full-time job.

Even though I am a backend developer I truly enjoy working with

One of the frameworks that I like to work with after Bulma & HTMX

Whose up for a Challenge?

Task: Reduce TTFB less than 200ms

Anyone? #buildinpublic
@00_Abdullah7 @jakedev98 Can't beat this argument too but I've this site built on Django monolith deployed on data center closet to my user and the response rate is ~320 on TTFB

I am ready switch to any framework or edge if you can show me the number less than that
I just connected my custom domain with ImproveMX and Gmail.

This allows me to send and receive emails for free.

Also, it will help me in the downtime I don't need to pay for the email provider for my business.

#buildinpublic AMA
I am building a song lyrics database and a lot of similar competitors with the same content so to really nail down the SEO I need to make the page with the best performance.

The song lyric I uploaded yesterday it's on the first page of Google.

So imagine the competitors I am dealing with ( it's pretty low )…
I submitted my weekend hack on Hacker News.

Help me get to the front-page of Hacker News.

Vote this 👇 #buildinpublic…
Onto creating the lyrics database for my local community.

Let's see how that goes and how it makes me money.

I know it's not a traditional way to make money by showing ads but I spot a huge opportunity.

Site loading 6.2Mb
Finish in 17.25s
95 Total requests

All these for simply showing blog text but still ranks first on Google.

Content is a similar blog style so I think Google knows it too so shall I enter into this space?

I believe I can crush this dude. #buildinpublic
I write about acquired startups and I published another one today see here 👇 #buildinpublic
Looks like my newsletter on substack going very well.

Planning to launch few more newsletter there.

What do you guys think about it? #buildinpublic
Is it just me or anyone like me who doesn't want to work with tailwind but Bulma or bootstrap?

Honestly I like the Tailwind but it's not as productive it seems while using it. It gives me I don't know CSS fundamental vibe

I want Bulma on Tailwind. #buildinpublic
Launched two days back and now I have 22 subscribers
to my newsletter

The first step in the process is to gather all the properties dimension and metrics from the API.

Right now I'm still figuring out how to use the ChatGPT API with these values 🤔

Alright it's time to go back into my Google Analytics project.

I have a lot of ideas and little time to execute. #buildinpublic
Alright it's time to go back into my Google Analytics project.

I have a lot of ideas and little time to execute. #buildinpublic
Wow impressive achivement 🎉

I got 19 subscribers does that mean I'm an influencer now?

Alright! I take it back... Now I've 16 subscribers 🎉…
Do you have a founder-product fit? #buildinpublic
I've been thinking why not feed Google Analytics data to OpenAI ChatGPT?

Now that I have the infra for @gaclient I can easily pull data from GA and use ChatGPT to answer questions like never before.

What kind of questions you'll ask? #buildinpublic
Oh wow pets care blog recently sold for $51K 👏

A few days back I started this newsletter that I cover business that got acquired.

It's called "Acquire Hunt" and yesterday I published my first article and today I issued another one.

What Newsletter platform do you recommend?