Do you work on easy idea or hard one?

Easy idea easy to copy but hard idea harder to replicate and that makes your app very unique.

Okay enough is enough I've two products to launch this month.

How do you serve your proxy application via Nginx?

When I visit I get greated by Nginx default page.

All I want is when user visit http -> redirect to https

HELP NEEDED #buildinpublic…
Screenshot taken is done by the preview-card.

At this point I've done all of the things except the page design.

On my list next in the line is the improved editor and templates.

Need to register the domain and deploy the service.

I need to do this very fast. I'm building

It's about image generation landing page for bloggers niche.

Shall I go all in on blogging? Mine got earned 5$ in BuySellAds for around 5000 impressions.

So now I'm thinking may be if can get 5000 impressions daily then I can earn around $155/Month.

Not lot of money but it may give me confidence to work on full time.

The feeling when you start a side project you don't get it anywhere in the world #buildinpublic
πŸŽ‰ Created a pricing page for my side project πŸ’°

My task for today is to work on a pricing page. I just finished it and here is the finished version. #buildinpublic
Today I'm going to work on a Pricing page for my side project

Okay I've changed my footer to 2023 ⛳️

What about you? #buildinpublic
Someone reported to me that login is not working so when I investigated I found Maingun is not working properly.

I guess it's time to implement the "Login with Google" and "Login with Apple"

Add lorem ipsum to side project #buildinpublic
I have an idea that is going to distribute the industry.

Well it doesn't matter if your execution is below the bar.

What I noticed when I focus on building my product MVP is that almost all of the no code website builder out there they block the embed option.

You can only insert third party content only you pay them. #buildinpublic
F*k it I'm renaming blogstreak into embedblog and going forward this change will boost my SEO score.

Wish me luck #buildinpublic
No one talk about how they got their customers because it's a secret and you only see the numbers.

If I ever get the money from SAAS I will talk about how I got my customer.

No more sticking revenue numbers on your face. #buildinpublic
Just created the landing page for the project.

Just need to fix few things there and there but landing page is ready and that is matters the most.

Now I need to have proper privacy and pricing section with my own blog of course.

My side project will help you embed blog into Carrd & Webflow and other website builder

The MVP is ready and it's live on

But think I can use that domain on other ideas.

So which one of the domain below is your fav so that I can use it #buildinpublic