I expanded my understanding and learned of some slight misconceptions I had (and you get to hear about them because this is a #buildinpublic channel with transparency!) surrounding this process.
…see what's happening. I have plenty more insights which I'm happy to share, but this thread is getting lengthy. I hope this was valuable especially if you read this far down! #buildinpublic #CancerResearch #DataScience
I think it's a great way to #buildinpublic and #celebrateothers on my journey through my big project where i'm building and optimizing an idea for non invasive optogenetics.
It occured to me that I never released the info on my current project, and since this is supposed to be a #buildinpublic page I think today is the perfect day for that! Drumroll please... I've been working on a project to create a model for non invasive optogenetics!
Hey everyone, so excited for this #buildinpublic highlight reel I'm about to share with you! I know daily posting is a lot, and you might not have time to read every post or maybe you just didn't go on Twitter every day and see each post.
Another day, another #buildinpublic post! My challenge with my team technically ended, but we all found it super valuable (myself included) so I'm going to try to keep going and post daily or multiple times a week.
Day 7, the last day of my week of #buildinpublic! I'm a tad late, but yesterday I was super drained. Lost a bit of my momentum this weekend so I was in a different headspace than I had been before, but I used a few key mindsets to keep myself moving forward.
day 6 of my #buildinpublic week! today i had a session in tks where we explored patents. learned that over 95 percent of patents aren’t actually taken forward and made into products. take a minute to take that in, that’s CRAZY. my partner Ashley and I then explored a parent
day 5 of my week of #buildinpublic with my squad! going to keep today’s update short as it’s pretty late! had a super busy day full of school and social commitments. made some good progress on my article, had a nice workout this morning, and got schoolwork done too.
Day 4 of my #buildinpublic week! Building in public means you provide transparency both when you do good things, and also when you're a little out of it. Today I was kind of #offtheball, and that was rough.
Day 3 of the #buildinpublic challenge with my squad! Be sure to also follow @aleemrehmtulla @varsha_1562 and @manroopkalsi to see their journeys this week.
Day 2 of my week of #buildinpublic! Today I did lots of research on optogenetics versus chemogenetics, and one of the best pieces of content I read was a paper by @PatrickForcelli about applications of each for epilepsy.
I really enjoyed this project, and let my curiosity drive my work in a super rewarding way. If you're intrigued, check it out and DM me your thoughts! #FirstPost #buildinpublic link:…