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There's a new web tool that can help you
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#designTwitter #Indiehackers #Buildinpublic guys, help me make a choice?πŸ‘‡

Dark theme or a light theme?
I prefer dark because it makes it easy to read with the current color scheme

Although, I have read, white helps perceive blank space easily.

but then how do i fix contrast?
Once you join the #indiehackers club on Twitter,

Once you know what’s possible with nocode, with the support of #buildinpublic community

There’s no going back.

You know what you know.
So far I have built
- 2 newsletter landing pages with @carrd,
- 1 portfolio website with @carrd,
- 1 knowledgebase website with @super

Today I'm building one using @Softr

I tell you It's gonna be far better than any of my nocode projects in the last 2 years. #buildinpublic
@ThePeterMick Hey, #buildinpublic community.

I'm Rahul, I help saas owners improve their product user experience & landing pages.

Also Building my portfolio of small bets :

Service offer :
Time for a 4 hour nap before i wake up & work again.

Here’s what I will pickup when i wake up :
- Improve my service offer landing pages to make them more visual, credible, more value rich
- Apply learning from @rav_pandya video session

#buildinpublic #creatorlife #indiehacker
Today's #buildinpublic update :

- First draft of my portfolio website complete.
- Now the next task is to improve the services offer by adding more visual elements, information , proof of work.

Any other feedback?
@zkmaxi_ Yooooo! Nothing without community support if you are a solopreneur!

And so glad yo find the #buildinpublic #indiehacker community. Found so many awesome makers through it!
I am removing @SocialJuiceApp and switching to @SenjaHQ on

I thought unlimited text testimonials would be helpful. Don't think I would need more than 10 on a page.

#buildinpublic #socialproof #indiehackers
#indiehackers, #buildinpublic guys What tool do you use for social proof on your websites?
stuck to fix @SocialJuiceApp widget height issue on mobile devices at
Site built With @carrd platform.

Can any #indiehacker #buildinpublic guy help?

I have tried making a separate css style for mobile devices and assigning diff static height to it.
5th April : 250 followers.

Changes i made :
- added more credentials to my profile bio
- More #buildinpublic updates
- Simplified my banner
- Shoutouts and engagements with more strangers.
Finally 250 followers. πŸš€

Onto the 300 milestone! πŸ‡

I should work another trend I suppose! #growinpublic #buildinpublic #twitter #hypefury
I used Twitter for about 11 hours on my smartphone alone in this week so far!

Wondering what if i made an info product in those 11 hours and sold it on gumroad?

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290 notifications 😬😬😬😬

@adityajshi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜¬πŸ«£πŸš€
Good morning #buildinpublic Twitter.

What are your plans for today?

I have to
- fix the social widget and some links on portfolio website-
- Make a Twitter Lead magnet (Awesome bio compilation) in 12 hours today!

Follow me to get my daily updates.
They say don’t chase the numbers & followers count 😬

Aye not listening to them tonight!

243 so far, let’s reach 300 before i go to sleep!

I am gonna engage & help everyone in my way for the next 4 hours.

Need feedback on something you are building? Reply πŸ‘‡ #buildinpublic
Guys, individual bullet points, paragraph bullet points or no bullets at all?

#buildinpublic #feedbacktime #indiehackers #designTwitter #ui #ux
#Indiehackers, #makers, #designTwitter, #techtwitter and my favourite #buildinpublic guys!

I am looking for some inspiration for portfolio websites,

if you have one
or know someone with awesome portfolio website,

comment below πŸ‘‡

Please retweet this for me to expand reach?
@_ritikamehta I am impressed with your portfolio website, I just updated mine-

Here's what I changed:
- Proper categorization
- Increase visual elements
- Social proof widget

Any more suggestions on What can I still improve?
#indiehackers, #buildinpublic