Well, after the stress of last week. Brex just emailed to say they're keeping intribe on. 🤔

Reading their new criteria, we do meet it, but I'm surprised by many of those that didn't.

Just another twist in the road.

My favourite kind of email at the moment. 😃

Small numbers but slowly getting bigger and more frequent.

Reminder of our launch offer here:

New users. New user feedback. Loving life right now.

Alright, also some new features. :-)

This morning I woke up to:

1) My first free tier subscriber - who I had no direct action with before they signed up. Total surprise. They also messaged me on the platform.

2) My 2nd Annual subscription.

The feeling 😁

This is why we do it. #buildinpublic
Interesting situation for my early soft launch of

I have people snapping up the launch offer by paying...but then not setting up their profiles.

Thoughts? #buildinpublic
Whoop, just crossed 750 followers...3/4 of the way to my goal for the year.

Thanks everyone! #buildinpublic
Scenario: you have a cool launch offer, you have a supporter who offers to email it to their large list & right now you have a shitty landing page that won't convert well.

1-2 days time you have a much better landing page.

Q: Do you wait?

Just sent an email to our waitlist subscribers of our launch promo...and for some reason only half of the emails were sent 🤦‍♂️

Great open rate though.

Second paid subscriber to intribe 🎉. Only 98 left of our First 100 launch specials...hurry before they're gone. 😅

#startups #buildinpublic
It's Friday morning here. Been an interesting week.

Had one angel pull out of investing. Had two more indicate they're interested in investing.

Most importantly got to first revenue this week.

Startup life, never a straight line between A & B

I've also just learned that staring at the @stripe page looking at your very first subscription with joy...doesn't make a second subscription appear. 😅

#buildinpublic #startups
Very excited to announce our very first subscription just now.

#buildinpublic #Revenue
This is a bit of a 'cheat' my prior month was absolutely terrible, hence a lot of green now. Still, I think this is my second best month ever, so, I'll take it.

OK. Stripe is live on intribe. We can process payments now.

Who wants a Super Early Bird 75% off any plan for life coupon to help me get started?

#buildinpublic #startups
Ok, my #NoCode friends. I have a REST api.

What's the best nocode app builder for IOS & Android to talk to my backend?

Thanks for your help everyone. intribe made it to the 'Best of the Week' on !!

Just stumbled across a possible intribe tagline.

'On intribe you'll never need to do a cold outreach for a partnership again' 🤔

What do you think? Golden opportunity.

Are you guys getting a lot of inbound 'investment' opportunities from sketchy email addresses?

Have you discovered any tools recently that you unexpectedly love?

I have found two: Followroad by @DmytroKrasun and @msftClarity.