How do you stay motivated when sharing your coding progress with the world through #buildinpublic?
What's the difference between coding in private and coding in public? The number of likes and retweets you get! #buildinpublic
Take advantage of Flutter's plugin ecosystem to add new features and functionality to your app. There are plugins available for everything from push notifications to in-app purchases, so be sure to explore what's available on #buildinpublic
Indie hacking is all about creating something from scratch, with limited resources, and building a community around it. Share your journey with the #buildinpublic community and inspire others to do the same! #indiehacker
The next blog entry for programmatic SEO is ready. It's about posting user registrations via the event interface of I'm slowly getting really fast at blog entry creation 🥳 #buildinpublic #softwaredeveloper #seo #searchengine #blog #usertracking #user
The name LogHive ( is a combination of "Log" (for logging) and "Hive". The idea is that LogHive collects all events and logs of a software application. The name suggestion came from ChatGPT I must admit 😄 #buildinpublic #chatgpt
What's the most exciting thing you're currently working on in your #buildinpublic journey?
Use Flutter's built-in animations and transitions to make your app look more polished and professional. These features can add an extra level of polish to your app and help you stand out from the competition. #buildinpublic #codingwithflutter @FlutterDev
"As an indie hacker, it's easy to get distracted by shiny new ideas and lose focus on your main goal. Sharing your progress with the #buildinpublic community can help you stay accountable and focused on what really matters. #indiehacker
How do you use Git? I use "Github Desktop" or the InBuild solutions of my Visual Studio. But would like to use other solutions as well. #buildinpublic
Slowly the clean design of takes shape. The first use cases are prepared as blog entries for programmatic SEO. It's so much fun to build the project 🥳 #buildinpublic #softwaredeveloper
A short video how fast you can use to show events (in this example: tracking users joining a waitlist) in a dashboard. #buildinpublic #softwaredeveloper
What do you think is the biggest benefit of #buildinpublic for coders and developers?
Who doesn't have moments like this #buildinpublic
Use Flutter's internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) features to make your app accessible to users in different languages and regions. This will help you reach a wider audience and make your app more inclusive. #buildinpublic #codingwithflutter @FlutterDev
Building in public is not just about marketing or networking, it's also about learning and growing. By sharing your process and getting feedback from others, you can accelerate your learning and improve your skills. #indiehacking #buildinpublic
What are you working on right now? Tell me about your project or #sideproject and let's connect! #buildinpublic
My new blog entry (…) that I'm multiplying about programmatic SEO is about tracking members on a waiting list. If there is a backend in the background, you can track the members via events. #buildinpublic #softwaredeveloper