Although we didn't introduce any new *groundbreaking* features, we polished up our product and are now ready to release to our testers!

Week 4 @_buildspace #buildinpublic #nws2
Making sense of our decisions from Day 31 was basically madness.

Day 32 @_buildspace
#buildinpublic #nws2
proof: πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡…
ngl day 31 was just confusion, I don’t think even we could tell you what we were doing 🀨

@_buildspace #buildinpublic
Polishing up the UI while figuring out notifications and Cloud Functions.

@pixelsnis is crying for help
@sanjaykb0 is in an unending battle against WebKit

Day 30 @_buildspace #buildinpublic #nws2
We're almost there! Release date's coming up and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
and watch our burnt out @Pranavbala2 unleash his true gamer side
Day 28+29 @_buildspace
New Wework,
Re ordering priorities for building new features,
New inputs from @_akashnagaraj ,
Preliminary interest from @pedal_start in Fizz
& a fire alarm that we are never going to talk about.

Day 27 @_buildspace
eating through our wallets while building something awesome = 😭 or 😎?

Day 26 @_buildspace #nws2 #buildinpublic
expensive coffee + forum + building the networking experience of dreams

sweet meals @thirdwaveindia made @Pranavbala2 pitch something really sweet for our insiders.

Fizz exclusive merch and events coming soon!

and what do we say to this guys? Are we also feeling it?

Day 25 @_buildspace
Today for a change, we thought we'd show ourselves work rather than just a picture.

Here's @Pranavbala2 and @pixelsnis Brainstorming at @WeWorkIndia

Day 24 @_buildspace
storyboarding the next video alongside dev progress + overpriced bad dosa.

@Pranavbala2 @pixelsnis and bad food decisions go together like salt and pepper πŸ§‚

Day 22+23 @_buildspace #buildinpublic #nws2
This week was pretty good.

We launched our website (, finished 70% of our PoC, pushed our first internal TestFlight build and started getting sign-ups for Insider Access.

3 weeks to demo day! @_buildspace #buildinpublic
@sanjaykb0 @pixelsnis @Pranavbala2 @_buildspace today's highlights:

- @sanjaykb0 celebrates conquering CSS!
- @pixelsnis suffers with widget overflows!
- @Pranavbala2 gets abandoned in the car!

what a day 21 @_buildspace #buildinpublic
building fizz web is going great for @sanjaykb0. look at that beautiful profile!

@pixelsnis is still suffering from FE dev;

and @Pranavbala2 has taken up the impossible task of looking for a relevant NIC code for a SaaS company.

Day 20 @_buildspace #buildinpublic
.@Pranavbala2 Delivers at last,
Lots of Coffee and Squashing bugs,

Finally, our early access site is live! Limited spots available, so sign up now and
let's get the party started! with some extra Fizz πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Day 19 @_buildspace
It was quite the love-hate experience with dealing with animations and minor inconsistencies that i could not fix due to the no-code environment on @framer.
BUT all in all, is live. Sign up now for our early access
Week 2's @linear cycle stats:

βœ… 56 issues closed
πŸ“ˆ 131/213 scope completed (kudos: @pixelsnis's immune system)
βŒ›οΈ 20 issues carried over
πŸ’ͺ Biggest issue label: Feature

@_buildspace #buildinpublic
Since our video was quite rushed in production (we've been continuously building with nearly no breaks), here's a breakdown of everything we've built out so far:

Now ready to take in sign-ups. Apply for the Fizz Insider Beta and be a part of the future of networking:

wkly update #2 @_buildspace #buildinpublic
Another one bites the dust
And another bug gone.
Core functionality is complete, counting those milestones.

!! Early access site and product trailer coming out soon. Be on the watch for it
Limited closed beta slots available

Day 19 of the many left @_buildspace
we missed tweeting about yesterday.

but to compensate, here’s our design overlord getting obliterated by #Flutter dev work!

Day 17+18 @_buildspace #buildinpublic
no but seriously i better get paid like donald trump for this @quadrentech #buildinpublic