Coding the frontend for the Meetings module!

It'll sync Google Calendar events within the app with one-click buttons to join the meet or add quick notes!

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What tools are you using for taking all these amazing screenshots of the app for a landing page?

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I've got a new title as a Founder.
Today I'm also a DevOps, added to the current titles like backend & frontend dev, SEO expert, marketer, and a few more...

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Doing some DevOps stuff...
Uhh, I cannot wait I finally release the app to people 🤔

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Often I struggle with delivering MVPs. I always want it to be perfect.
But slowly, thanks to the Indie Makers community, I'm getting better with the startup mindset, pivoting, MVPs, etc.

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Slowly migrating features to the 2.0. Today I'm working on extensions.
I've added the Emojis & I'm finishing the slash command suggestions :)

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A year ago I was planning basic features for the QuickTab MVP.
Now I'm rewriting it from scratch in a new tech stack with premium features for a paid plan in order to get the first paying customer when the 2.0 version launches!
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What email provider are you using for your startups?
I'm looking for one, preferably with a free plan for a starter. Mailgun? Sendgrid?
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I like inspiring myself from the best. The bookmark categories start looking like Trello cards, the design & UX are great :)
Coding a frontend for the Quick Links module.
It allows opening a collection of bookmarks with a single click.
I use it every day for my saved "Daily" and "Job" collections :)

Twitter is a great motivation for me to work harder. I tweet about my plans, and ideas, so I don't want to make myself a fool for not executing them :)
Working more & building an audience? Sounds great!

I've spent half the year learning a new tech stack (node, react, typescript) for future rapid development.
Now it's time to focus on the business and make reaching the first paid client a #1 priority!
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I have 0 paying customers, yet I have automated daily database backups from the VPS to the AWS S3🤣
Feel safe now!
When you check your project for new signups, see none and start wondering whether the sign-up flow isn't broken... And it isn't🤣
Coffee ➡️ full-time job ➡️ coffee ➡️ side project ➡️ sleep ➡️ repeat until you succeed
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You don't need backups until you find you need them...

I'm experimenting on localhost with MySQL auto backups to the AWS S3. It started to work quickly and well.
Later I have to verify the solution on the prod server :)
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This weekend plan:
☑️ prepare migration for all users to the 2.0 version of the app
☑️ create a frontend for this flow
☑️ set up docker builds for #NestJS and #ReactJS

What's your plan?

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I cannot wait until you see the QT 2.0 :)
When I finish all the features, it'll bring productivity to a new level 🚀