The pricing page starts looking slick!

3 cards to make the middle one the best choice for a higher conversion 😊

I try to learn from the best Founders...

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The homepage starts looking good and useful! :)
Do you know any successful SaaS offering Lifetime Deals solo, outside the platforms like Appsumo?

What's your experience with that?

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Do you give free access to your SaaS to friends and colleagues? Lifetime deals for free?

I am thinking about giving free coupons to some close friends & colleagues to get some beta users, to get a small testers teamπŸ€”

Is it a good idea?

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Interesting to see my competition getting like $ 30 mln fundings because they market highly as an AI-powered toolπŸ˜„

So using buzzwords is still in fashion...

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I plan to analyze and try more of the video content.

I think it has an untapped potential in the #buildinpublic movement to get people interested in your work.

TikTok videoes, YT shorts, quick vidoes on Twitter - lots of options...
I'm polishing a template for creating meeting notes, which are auto-filled with the date & meeting title from your Google Calendar to ease the process

Which heading is better?

1. Note-taking app for remote working
2. Simple note-taking app for remote working

The app is really lightweight & simple, but isn't that title too long?

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βœ… 8 hours of a full-time job
βœ… frontend for feature: "share to web"

- backend for the "share to web" feature

How is your day going?

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They say you're crazy until you make it works.
Then you're a genius.

It resonates hard as Solo Founder, pursuing a dream of a successful startup...

See you at the top fellow Indie Makers!

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At the end of the year, I'm gonna focus more on marketing...

Now I'm coding the MVP in the basement to get on time with the launch planned for December 2022πŸ˜‚

I was considering adding Voice Notes (Speech-to-text) to my project.

After tests, it's not ready to use, even with paid APIs.

With simple English sentences, it fails to transcribe them 100% accurately.

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Would you use Voice Notes (speech-to-text transcribing) in Notion?

I'm curious why Notion still didn't add it. Is it useless or what?

@pvm No way to record or transcribe audio in-app currently! We'll pass this along as a suggestion to the team ✌️
I'm excited I'm going forward with the project.

Implementing a premium feature feels closer to the final!

I hope I make the launch this year ;)

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My first impression of the @newrelic:

I'm shocked 😲
It's so advanced, detailed, and simultaneously easy to use.

It took me like 30 minutes to set up an APM agent for the backend (NestJS), frontend (ReactJS), and infrastructure (Linux VPS)!

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Now I understand people launching X bootstrapped projects a year...

You work in hidden, learn, prepare base code, design, etc.
It takes months, years...

Then you're ready to copy-paste the first project and launch the next one quickly.

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Do you have a "cancel subscription" button available for every paid user in your app?

What's your flow for a subscription cancellation?

I see some people display only email to contact for that purpose.

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This weekend I'm polishing the Billing page & backend for Paddle subscriptions :)

What about you? What's your plan for today?

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