I'm literally quoting @naval here 👇
What are some skills that make you a bear on a unicycle?
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Running SaaS Business 💹

It will take 4x as long ⌛️
You have 5x as many problems 😟
Cost 2x as much as you expect 🫰

But it’s worth it 😀

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Do you know why successful business CEOs fail in SaaS? They keep adding features to their product.

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Looking for Beta testers for @suprlance
If you're a freelancer trying to build a sustainable business away from Gig platforms.
Do sign up

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Do every product needs to have a value metric? 🤔

Does you product have one? 🤷

Comment your product name and value metric⚡️

I’m very keen on understanding this topic 👀

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Almost done with front end of @kree_io will be done with the back end, payments & testing soon and should be ready to launch in few weeks✨

Will be launching on the indie hackers community first, get critical feedback and then hit the rest of the launch sites 🤟🏽

100k+ sellers signups, 8 payments gateways & 4 shipping partners later @mywindoshop is live on @ProductHunt

Team has put in tremendous effort to shape the product.

Show some ❤️ and drop your feedback

Link 👇…

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