I'd augment this slightly, but generally agree...

-"if you start", agreed and 70% weighting

-"Consistency", @ 25%

-"How you start", @ 5%

#buildinpublic #BIP
Success or failure can often hinge on these two things:

1. If you start
2. How you start

Master those two and results will follow.
In the early stage of validating an idea, here's what I've learned...

-I knew where potential users would 'hang out'

-I had a simple value prop that anyone could understand

-Well, not so fast

You don't know until you actually try and put your thoughts to work #buildinpublic
If you're a founder, bookeeper, or in SaaS finance and find the Stripe Connect dashboard lacking, I'd love to chat and learn more about your pain points.

I'm in SaaS finance and its tedious to answer basic questions about the biz #buildinpublic #BIP #SaaS
We're building an analytics tool for Stripe Connect. The Stripe dashboard is great, but lacks some key features you'd want as a payments processor. I've experienced this 1st hand, but having difficulty finding pockets of Stripe Connect users #buildinpublic #BIP #SaaS