For me, walking makes me solve complex problem. What is it for you?

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There are so many blogging solutions, that we end up posting it on multiple platforms like Medium, Dev, Hashnode, etc. Which one is the source of truth? Does such a thing even exist? Anyone with the same thought?

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What rich text editor you are using for your product? How is the integration experience?

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Forcing myself to not build just for the sake of building it. Learning the process of identifying the problem and gathering customers before even building. Is anyone in the same zone?

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How do you set up periodic or action-based email alerts from your #saas? Do you configure templates on 3rd party tools like SendGrid? Is that convenient?

I will be writing a blog post on micro frontend apps

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Do you use Twitter search to figure out what people are talking about the problem you are planning to/already built product? Do you DM them?

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I am using Twitter API to stream the tweets where people are having problem/ready to pay/pain

Do you want to see it?

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Any tool which helps in repurposing the content has scope in my opinion

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Any book you suggest to get better at the distribution of the #SaaS

I am building a personal finance management tool. This is from my own pain. Along with my requirements, I would like to know what the community wants from such a tool. You can fill out this form to help me out -…

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What tools you use to create personal website or portfolio?

What do you expect from such tool?

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Is there any tool to track MRR/ARR automatically? Maybe
1. Track ARR/MRR
2. Churn rate
3. Margins
4. Graphs

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Feedback from friends/family for your SaaS is biased most of the time. Wrong?

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I integrated the newsletter a few days back. Need a way to log my thoughts and learnings somewhere. Currently doing it on Notion. I am new to these things.
Any tips folks? :)

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In the process of building the personal finance management tool - I spoke with multiple people about how they manage their personal finance. At a high level, there are three types. A thread 🧵

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Is there any way I can do the following for Email alerts?
1. Configure templates in code
2. Configure when to send - daily/weekly/some action in code
3. Send markdown

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I wish I had started my #SaaS and #buildinpublic long back but fine, better later than never
My next project does not involve in building product. It will be gathering/speaking people, finding problem

Where do you track your savings? How can you share it with your partner/parent/anyone? I am planning to build a feature by which you share your #pfm with anyone you want at

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