Why should you write down your goals 🎯👇

Unpopular Opinion:

Working in a startup doesn't teach you everything about building a startup.

After 8 years when I started one, I realised starting a business would have taught me everything. It would have been better to start earlier.

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It has been a rocking October 🚀🚀

The best part was increasing the reach to a larger audience with 630K impressions 😍

How did it go for you?

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The one ever-lasting truth for the startup world:

"Planning is necessary, but the plan never works".

So it's always better to focus on momentum and keep executing. Plan can be built on the fly if you have the right support structure.

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Small wins daily consistently can lead to compounding effects in future.

We should focus on those small wins instead of big wins once in a while.

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Thank you everyone for 600+ followers! 😍

My journey:
100 in 5 months
200 in 2 months
300 in 1 month
400 in 10 days
500 in 6 days
600 in just 1 day 🚀🚀

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Wow! 500 followers! 😍

My journey:
First 100 in 5 months
Second 100 in 2 months
Third 100 in 1 month
Fourth 100 in 10 days
Fifth 100 in just 6 days 🚀🚀

Thank you all for being here!

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What is one of the most difficult things for a startup founder?

Building a team.

Hiring good people who can share the burden and help you ship products faster are hardest to find.

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Running a business is an infinite game with no clear finish line.

To succeed you need to be in a game as long as possible.

Constant learning is the best way to enjoy the journey.

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What helps you learn things fast?

Writing daily notes has helped me tremendously to unlearn and learn new concepts effectively.

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It's very hard to get your startup off the ground 🚀

Here are 8 of my threads you must know to promote your startup (absolutely free) 🧵👇

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Unpopular Opinion:

Sometimes you have to do both "what you have to do" and "what you dream of doing".

The only essential thing to learn is effective time management.

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I just hit 400 followers 😍

Thank you for helping me reach 400.

First 100 in 5 months
Second 100 in 2 months
Third 100 in 1 month
Fourth 100 in 10 days 🚀

This is the power of daily showing up!

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If you master 3 skills in your career and combine them to your advantage - you will be unstoppable.

The three skills I am focused on are:

1. Programming
2. Writing
3. Storytelling

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What is productivity?

Productivity is a small set of habits that lets you get your work done instead of getting in your way.

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What do you mean by Personal Brand?

I think it is about building relationships with a wide variety of people.

The best way to build relationships is by educating about what you know.

The personal brand is a byproduct.

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I just hit 300 followers 😍

Thank you for helping me reach 300.

First 100 in 5 months
Second 100 in 2 months
Third 100 in 1 month

This is the power of daily showing up!

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7 more startup registries where you must register to promote your startup (for FREE) 🧵👇

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13 subreddits where you must post about your startup to get beta users 🧵👇

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Tools should empower you instead be a blocker in accomplishing your goals.

Language and frameworks are just tools to solve problems.

SaaS businesses should solve good problems and choose tools best suited to solve them.

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