What helps you learn things fast?

Writing daily notes has helped me tremendously to unlearn and learn new concepts effectively.

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When building a Saas, learn to master over customer development first, before you master anything else.

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Providing access to the VALUE of your product or service is scalable - selling the value of your skills is not.


Provide VALUE to people around you.

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Ideas are cheap; it's the execution that matters.

The sooner we understand, the sooner we would focus on what matters.

Relentless Execution.

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Productivity Tip:

Timeboxing is a great way to take important decisions.

I apply it all the time, even in my daily chores. The results have been staggering.

Alongside I use this framework:
- Make it work
- Make it right
- Make it fast

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Building an audience requires

✅ Patience,

✅ Persistence and

✅ Commitment.

What do you think?

The best distribution channel to promote your startup is the people who love your product.

Their sharing activity is the best advertisement.

It helps you focus on building a practical, usable and attractive product for the end users.

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As a startup founder, how do you manage your focus time? 😲

You have to face a lot of interruptions and distractions while juggling between various roles.

And the majority of work gets done in the focus time 🤔

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A user judges 80% of your product by looking at 20% of the website you've built around it.

This relationship is a double-edged sword.

11 elements of the landing page you need to know 🧵👇

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The year 2023 will be an era of the creator economy.

How can you differentiate between:

Consumers Vs Creators 👇

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Twitter stats for December month 📊

A great way to end the year 2022 with 2.2 million impressions 😍

How has December been for you?

The one ever-lasting truth for the startup world:

"Planning is necessary, but the plan never works".

So it's always better to focus on momentum and keep executing. Plan can be built on the fly if you have the right support structure.

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Validating without putting it out in front of the customer is indeed a mirage.

Talk to the customer, build a hypothesis, test the hypothesis, rinse and repeat.

This seems to be the playbook to build a great products.

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6 reasons why I build in public and you should too 👇👇

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I love the concept of Product Founder Fit.

If you love the product you are building in the market you enjoy, you tend to persevere through the hardships of getting the startup off the ground.

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Twitter stats for November month 📊

It is the "quality" rather than the "quantity", that matters.

Posting daily quality content has been a major game-changer.

How has November been for you?

Building a great product along with sales and marketing would fuel the growth of the business.

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Thinking about the product feature is the easy part.

The hard part is building the core product 🤯

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You can build a successful startup...


- It's going to be a gruelling journey
- You have to show up daily
- You have to keep talking to customers and keep iterating

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Ideas are cheap; it's the execution that matters.

An idea is:

⛔ NOT a product
⛔ NOT a business
⛔ NOT a patent
⛔ NOT a trademark
⛔ NOT a copyright

The sooner we understand, the sooner we would focus on what matters:

✅ Relentless Execution.

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