gonna do soft launch(beta) today ...probably will launch finished app tomorrow

if ur interested lmk in comments I can send you the link to download for FREE.

Should I price this app for launch or $0? (regardless it is free for beta users)

quick demo👇

it turns out, it might take 2+ hours to built completely given the fact that how inconsistent the APIs are ...

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Simple defaults list
- Wifi
- Notifications
- Bluetooth

How it works?
When Airplane mode is On, based on selection in defaults it turns off - Wifi, Bluetooth and Notifications.

I’ve around 2 hours to kill my time, gonna do something stupid.

What if there is an “Airplane mode for Mac”

follow along this thread #buildinpublic to see updates … 👇
Save some disk space.

With @raycastapp now u can delete unsupported simulators & save some space on ur disk that I had built as easy as it can be.

Search for "Xcode" in Raycast store, download it & find the command "Delete Unsupported Simulators" to delete it

link to download the extension…

Any feedback is highly appreciated :)
When QuickTime Player meets @raycastapp, you can
- Start Audio Recording
- Start Screen Recording
right from Raycast search

The extension is live on store and its FREE to download, find the link in the thread

App: Bird search - Your advanced search app for Twitter

What is it?
- Many new ways to search on twtr compared to default twitter advanced search.…
- Focuses more on "what" to search instead of "how".
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I've built an app to find potential customers for the very same app and gained 100+ paying users.

I've launched my app on PH…

ETH Gas Fee - Track n Save money on gas fee
(Available for FREE to download, only for today)

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Also, I've launched new update v1.2.5
- Few UI changes
- Able to hide all windows

Next update would contain
- Dark/Light switch mode
- Quit all apps from dock in one click
- many more...
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You can set recurring reminders for low, avg, fast

#buildinpublic #Etherum #indiedev #gasfees
If you’re interested I am doing a giveaway for 20 users who join the early adopter group.

#buildinpublic #indiedev #Etherum #gasfee

here is the link where you can join
Bird search is currently dropped to $1.99 for limited time & quantity, grab it while it last 👇

Scan the QR code to download it

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New Feature Update on @birdsearch_ app 🚨

Introducing "Editorial curated" notifications: You'll receive trending content via customized search query (only one per day)

#buildinpublic #indiedev

Check out the video how it works 👇
Getting closer to private beta launch, if you want to join the beta find the link in the thread 🤗

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