Today was spent working on domain configuration, SSL/HTTPS configurations, and nginx as part of having better access to my DASH/plotly dashboards remotely. Will be getting back to my python quant work soon #buildinpublic @pyquantnews
Solved an issue where ticker symbol input wasn’t updating the expiration date drop-down. Got that big fixed, added multi-user authentication and added some coloring to show the NTM strike on my graphs to make them easier to use. #buildinpublic @pyquantnews
Today I mostly took off my coding hat and put on my operations hat. Deployed and made network tweaks to get my dashboard running on a #RaspberryPi so I can access from anywhere with internet. Had to take care of issues with package differences. #buildinpublic @pyquantnews
Last night my battery died at midnight just as I was figuring out how to show pandas DataFrames in a dash table. Learned to pass the DataFrame & dbc.Table output in a wrapper to render in Dash. Finished that portion today and on to the next feature! @pyquantnews #buildinpublic
Fixed some bugs and turned hard-coded values into config parameters. Getting my dashboard ready for deployment. Now to clean out my Pi 3B+ and load with python. Still need to solve getting a dcc.Input callback to trigger a dcc.Dropdown update. #buildinpublic @pyquantnews
After pulling out my hair on an auth bug I had an epiphany for a basic workaround so I wasn’t over engineering things … well in the course of implementing the workaround I found and fixed the cause of the bug. Sometimes thats just the way it goes … #buildinpublic @pyquantnews
Today’s #buildinpublic adventure … validating ticker symbol inputs. Interesting when the @etrade API returns diff results for the same string input … lots of if - elif - else going on here. Now I’m being told to go on a walk with my fam in the form of 404 errors @pyquantnews
Looks like volume data on options has all been cleared out … makes it hard to test live data feeds. Guess it’s a sign to push changes to @github and close it down for #Thanksgiving. One of those things you get to share when you #buildinpublic Happy Thanksgiving! @pyquantnews
Added in automated refresh of my DASHboard … double benefit of seeing the data moving in real time AND it keeps my Auth token fresh. Now on to adding option expiration selection to the dashboard. #buildinpublic @pyquantnews
Today I implemented Dash callback functionality to trigger data and figure refreshes from new user-defined input. Now I need to figure out how to refresh the some calculated output values that I want displayed on the dashboard. #buildinpublic @pyquantnews
Progress today has been refactoring my code so my console app still works but main func I’ve written can be called programatically/output rendered in a Dash reactive web app. Now to add interactive user parameters instead of hard-coded variables. #buildinpublic @pyquantnews
Figured out how to refactor the @etrade API to a separate class and save/load sessions. Good learning in how OAuth is handled. Now to start learning the mechanics of callbacks to improve automation. #python #buildinpublic @pyquantnews