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Daniela @nerddoingsocial

🀯 unconventional thinking and design
⚑️ always building cool projects
🐾 has 4 cute dogs and cats!!

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"I started learning to code properly because i was pissed off.

y'all know i used to run a restaurant, right?"

Tony's latest feature (auto detects and redacts emails in the screenshot) is what made me whip out my credit card.

This is why you should #BuildInPublic early and often, fam.

I got Xnapper License Key (Early Bird) from @tdinh_me on @Gumroad:…
< it's been much longer than 888; had many stops and starts and lost my streak a few times. excited to see what new owner @joshmanders brings to the table! >

I've built in public for πŸ”₯888 consecutive days on @getmakerlog! πŸ’ͺ
❇️ Finished long ass FAQ section (goes below Pricing tiers), collected from months of actual FAQs

Wanted to cover all bases, because if I get asked the same question again ONE MORE TIME *screams internally* πŸ’†πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

jk, i'm not so dramatic IRL πŸ˜‡

#MakerSneakPeek #BuildInPublic
❇️ Added implementation fee to @MaynuuSG Pricing page

New terms:
Merchant DIY setup - Free
We do the full setup - $299 one-time fee

see QT for reasons

#MakerSneakPeek #BuildInPublic…
❇️ Decided to start charging for implementation again. Been experimenting and my gut was right - when it's free ppl don't appreciate πŸ˜‚

So new terms:
Merchant DIY setup - Free
We do the full setup - $299 one-time fee

Will build this into Pricing page on our new marketing site…
@swSalim @danmartell @MaynuuSG Thanks Yuyu. You remind me that I need to manage my time better and make time for more #BuildInPublic posts
if you are creating a portfolio of small bets (term popularised by @dvassallo) ~

how do you #BuildInPublic without confusing your audience -- as to which project you're talking about?
I've built in public for πŸ”₯666 consecutive days on @getmakerlog! 😈😈😈
πŸ— today's #BuildInPublic update ~

i'm not happy with any of the output today. not the copy, not the design, nothing.

but i still built something, and that's better than nothing i guess... πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

p/s: too lazy to look for icons, so the arrows are just &mdash;&mdash;&gt;
πŸ— today's #BuildInPublic update ~

nothing sexy to report:
- refactored CSS so we DRY (don't repeat yourself)
- added /merchant-benefits subpage
- refactored contents so that parts of /merchants and /merchant-benefits can share an 'include' (template)

βœ… done today on @jamponydelivery -

β€’ above-the-fold: redid device mockups
β€’ below-the-fold: completed social proof and merchant features sections

#MakerSneakPeek #BuildInPublic

i had a LOT of help with today's tasks, for which i'm eternally grateful ~~~
@chrisjhutchings thanks Chris πŸ™ likewise, following your #BuildInPublic journey too!
✨ day 2 of working on the Merchants landing page.

improvements are to be made but i need to stop because i'm hungry.

couldn't have finished today's task without these 3 killer tools built by fellow indie makers ~~~

#MakerSneakPeek #BuildInPublic
working on the Merchants landing page.
trying out something new today

#MakerSneakPeek #BuildInPublic
i'm a big fan of using simpler words if possible.

there's so much that @jamponydelivery can do for small food shops in Singapore that it's hard to sum up in 160 characters.

any advice for me on how to properly brand a twitter bio?

#MakerSneakPeek #BuildInPublic
Stole this @trello template from somewhere and improvised on it.

I find it extremely useful for keeping track of projects at a quick glance.

Do you use something similar for your side projects?
#makersneakpeek #buildinpublic
I've built in public for πŸ”₯500 consecutive days on @getmakerlog! πŸ’ͺ
Do I #buildinpublic if the product is super localised?

It will likely never be posted on PH, HN, IH, etc