In order to give indie tools as much visibility as possible on @indiehackertool, I decided to add only 1-2 tools every weekday.

So here is today's tool.

Pineapple builder, a no-code tool by @peter_kow

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5 days ago I launched @indiehackertool and it turned out more popular than I hoped.

44 tools
39 indie hackers

Spread across 16 countries and 16 categories.

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Added a fresh new batch of tools. The count is 24 tools & 24 indie hackers.

Add your tool and join them:

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Major updates added.

- The profiles of indie hackers have a link to their twitter pages
- Status badges for tools (feature request by @AlanMorelDev)
- Tools and indie hackers can be sorted by country
- Improved the workflow of listing tools

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Tweeting into the void didn’t do much for me.

Interacting with others that share the same interest worked.

Get yourself out there.

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Promote what you want to promote. There is no shame in it.

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I will build a brand new website for myself and use this thread to talk about my journey. When I #buildinpublic I am more productive + I might inspire someone to finally do that thing.

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It took me a few days to notice it, but I made the first sale on @UiBoat

Thank you, random stranger <3

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It's done and done!!
The CSS puns collection is live and free to download.
Get it here:

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Create your content based on yourself: personality, likes/dislikes, experience, knowledge, goals etc.

You’ll be genuine and will always have inspiration for your tweets.

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Build! Build! Build!

If you succeed -> you will grow financially
If you fail -> you will grow professionally

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The plan I need is $79/mo which is unaffordable at this point.
Until @indiehackertool generates revenue I'll have to go with the free plan, which means I'll sacrifice key features: user profiles and comments.

It's a sad day 🫤

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My plan is to
💻 Create the website
⚒️ Add 50+ tools
✏️ Write 4 articles

Let's go!

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From 1st Oct to 1st of November I'll build a review website for tools created by indiehackers.

It's meant to help you decide which tool is better for you based on reviews and features.


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I need help from the #buildinpublic community.

Tomorrow I'll start a new project which I'll document on Twitter and @madepublicio

Do you know of other communities or apps for building in public?

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Build! Build! Build!

If you succeed -> you will grow financially
If you fail -> you will grow professionally

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I took a look at my engagements during the 3 months I've been active on Twitter and learned a few things that will help me going forward.

In August I got 4x more engagements and 5x more followers than in July without using any threads except the one for #buildinpublic .

Life is unpredictable and things change all the time. Keep on doing your best and you will eventually arrive where you want to be.

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Build it and they will come. Turn that idea into reality. Built your business.

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I’ve been watching and studying several people that #buildinpublic, and the number one thing I've learned is:

Nobody knows what they're doing.

Nobody has it all figured out.

They all just show up and do their best. They learn on the go.

So take the leap. It'll work out.