It's been up and down (mostly down) but so far, this week hasn't been too bad :)

Somehow adding subscriptions for MRR would add a lot of peace of mind 😄

But first the core biz & user journey should be 100% solid & smooth

#buildinpublic #startup
Right now, building without doing regular customer interviews feels like sitting in a house without windows, and calling people to ask what the world outside looks like :)

#bootstrap #startup #buildinpublic
Can someone please make #buildinpublic TV? Or a #bootstrapped youtube channel?

I’m chillin, watching videos atm and would love to see inspirational but practical business videos with creators who are 6, 12, 24 months ahead vs. ones who already ‘made it’ 10 years ago + VC $ :)
The challenge on the internet isn't adding value, it's actually being able to capture a fair share of the value you create.

(This invoice was for €661) #buildinpublic