Somebody just asked how I've liked "using" @ZenbeSocial, and I can't tell if that's a win or a fail.

Hey, #buildinpublic Twitter
Anybody got any creative uses for your pitch decks now that we seemingly won't be needing them for

...checks notes...

ever again? Wrong answers only!
Hey, #buildinpublic Twitter!
After working for countless minutes this morning, I upgraded the @zenbesocial 🅵🆁🅴🅴 resume reviewing feature to #GPT4. Shout out to @OpenAI for the quick turnaround on the waitlist! Check it out 👇👇👇
.Hey #buildinpublic Twitter, why does japanese candy always taste sweeter at the bottom of mole mountain? Answer:
Hey #buildinpublic Twitter, my insomnia just did a feedback loop and took me down hard. How do you tell yourself it's ok to take some time off?
@crlaferla @ThePeterMick Would love any feedback! We're new to the #buildinpublic space but having a ball so far!