Coding morning starting with Error 431 just on Chrome!

That is a new one for me!

How is your morning going?

The Lighthouse report for is starting to look good! Thanks, @SaidAitmbarek, for the pointers!

When you are building something you only see the problems. What works doesn't require your attention so you only see what doesn't work.

Use the weekend to reflect on what works and what you have achieved!

Happy Backup day! Make sure that your backups are working! #buildinpublic
I am starting a marketing week. Gonna be focusing on SEO.

Does anyone in the #buildinpublic community have any suggestions for a SEO beginner?
If you have issues with rerendering while using chakra UI, ensure that the hook you use has a default value!

I have been battling with a re-rendering for a while! #buildinpublic

Sunday project update: Successfully access and display data.
Next step: add icons. I am gonna try a UTF-8-compatible font to display emojis as icons. #buildinpublic
Sunday project: Build a watch face for a @garmin watch. Sometimes you need to give the #buildinpublic a rest.
Coding session in Boston with the amazing latte art of @OgawaCoffeeUSA #buildinpublic
@ryandaviddev I had made that mistake many times before! I was the wrong #buildinginpublic tag until two days ago. Engagement went up (obviously) after switching to #buildinpublic.
Interesting: AWS Amplify captures all the Oauth2 callbacks to your app, not only the ones destined to Cognito. Took me a day to find this out. #buildinpublic
Coding session in Boston with the amazing latte art of @OgawaCoffeeUSA #buildinpublic
@IkigaiMail landing page is now in English, Spanish, and Japanese. Being called Ikigai, I figured it was a must to have a Japanese version. Let’s see what the effect on SEO is. #buildinpublic
Excellent article about databases for anyone building its own SaaS. #buildinpublic…