Created and configured my first @awscloud s3 bucket today to upload some images with the new product

Most important:
🔥 Don't give up! Success might not come with the first product or the second. But eventually it will. 🔥

I totally recommend reading the entire book. Get it here
#buildinpublic #bookreview
Sending custom events is also super easy, thanks to the custom hook.

#buildinpublic #nextjs
The first weeks at @CourseHub_App are over. We got ~400 visitors 👩‍🎓🧑‍🎓 and 750 pageviews.

The first jump is our official launch via email @THE_KLU.
The second one is @ProductHunt.

We are currently approaching universities and institutions to partner up. 🤝

People we are live! Check it out and let me know what you think. #buildinpublic
We are live at Check it out for new PhD-Level courses.
Two more days until we launch our web-app built w/ #Nextjs by @vercel. Our tech stack also includes @reactjs @typescript @tailwindcss @yarnpkg. Will definitely drop some more details once we launched. #buildinpublic
Next sneak preview of our upcoming app. This picture of our landing page was created using a screenshot and from @oursky. Definitely handy tool. #buildinpublic
Sneak-Preview of the first navigation bar of our upcoming product. Stay tuned for our Launch on September 16th. 🚀