Finally going back πŸŽ‰ Crazily enough while I was travelling we went from 0 to $500 MRR. Let's see if this growth continues or not, but if it does we would reach ramen sooner than I would've ever imagined 🀯

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Woke up and saw this, first subscriber with 0 manual onboarding from us 🀯 It's so hard because most people don't understand what we're doing but seems like our onboarding efforts are making a difference πŸš€


#buildinpublic @foxyappsAI
New cool shit!

1) Input fields are now editable, making the builder much easier to use.
2) Temperature value can be changed (random / deterministic output)
3) Stop streaming button finally works

#buildinpublic @foxyappsAI
First version of FoxyApps API is now public!

Any issues / feedback -> ping me :)…

User feedback is king πŸ‘‘ White labeling an app is now a little easier with CSS hints & window mockup toggle.

Today was crazy, we're slowly moving forward πŸ“ˆ Just need to keep on shipping.

We got $2500 worth of credits from openAI. Really really good.

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Thoroughly enjoying this tour de coworking spaces in slovakia 😁

PS.: Since vercel does not support streaming through their standard runtime 🀑 We are moving foxyapps to google cloud run, hopefully can deploy streaming of responses to everyone this weekend πŸ™πŸ»

Looking at our early users' websites and seeing how they successfully integrated foxyapps is such a great feeling.

We still have a lot to work on in terms of onboarding experience before launching on @AppSumo

Let's go πŸš€

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Village office for the next 2 weeks 🧘

Preparing @AppSumo launch -> @foxyappsAI

Any advice for convincing marketing agencies to resell our lead magnets ? πŸ€”

Finally put together a calendly page for foxyapps, if you fancy embedding an AI app on your website, let's chat πŸ‘‹…

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Premium subscribers can now customise CSS of their app before embedding it on their website πŸŽ‰

+ implemented themes for those that don't want to use CSS

#buildinpublic @foxyappsAI
Also, we have updated the landing page to be very clear about the outcome of using foxyapps! Tough to explain a new concept to most people but this will hopefully make it a little easier.

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Wednesday I’m headed to @stripe HQ for @MicroConf πŸš€ Cool stuff

Happy sunday indie hacking 🫑

Anyone can now easily apply to use foxyapps API - basically avoiding prompts, openAI account setup and simplifying implementation of AI features to your system.

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Based on feedback from @thejaymu , we now support sending data to a webhook each time a new lead comes in πŸͺ„ + you can disable the automatic email if you want to.

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Bank holiday means only one thing - empty coworking space πŸ˜„

Let’s keep praying one day I get a well deserved day off too.

Pic. featuring @levelsio tweet (accident).

Screw token limit and summarise huge texts in php using openAI.

Small win getting this to work today. No need to move over to python yet.

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5. Watch your new leads come in πŸŽ‰ Or have them added to your external mailing list automatically.

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