Well, after a bit of a hectic period of time, we just finished our 2nd digital offer!

It's been a minute since I did a #buildinpublic update, so let me catch you up to speed.

In this thread:
- Why we pivoted from our next offer idea
- What we found from scraping over 50k tweets
Good morning #buildinpublic crew 👇

I'm currently deep in spreadsheets & code this morning looking at tweets that got up to 45,000% MORE LIKES than average 🤯

This data is juicy.

I haven't been this excited to tackle a problem in a while.

More info coming soon 👀
Yes! Our first-ever digital asset and landing page is LIVE!

This feels like a #buildinpublic milestone to celebrate.

(link is below)

Today I want to share how we went from re-evaluating our strategy,
- to a pivot
- to a RE-pivot
- to creating an asset
- to a landing page
Well I knew it was coming, but the end is officially upon us 😢

The new Twitter API changes HEAVILY affect our path forward.

I want to give you an important #buildinpublic update on:
- How it affects us
- Our unexpected plan for the next 28 days
WOW 35,670 views in 2 days!

Based on all the interest, I've tweaked our #buildinpublic strategy to capitalize on this moment.

I just had a really insightful strategy conversation with my brother and want to share:

1. WHAT exactly happened
2. HOW we've just changed our strategy
What's the biggest obstacle for someone new to #buildinpublic?

How to capture attention.

I'm starting to worry less about coming up with a great idea and more worried about how to get people aware of ANY idea.
Okay #buildinpublic update! The ball is starting to roll.

We've narrowed in on a specific problem with Twitter growth tools that we want to solve.

This thread is:
- our first opportunity to pursue
- how we could solve it
- our next steps
So many questions and there's no single solution. Each niche is different.

If you're also struggling with this, let me know!

I'm working on a personalized solution that could help you

2 MORE problems I see in Twitter growth tools (like Tweet Hunter and Hypefury) that could be solved with AI:

(I'm giving away all my secrets at this point 😅 #buildinpublic)
3 problems I see in Twitter growth tools that could be solved with AI:

Attention bootstrappers, #nocode-ers, and #buildinpublic-ers!

What do you wish you knew when you were just getting started?
If you made it this far, I appreciate you!

Consider dropping a follow. I'll be sharing our journey, learnings, and continue the #buildinpublic journey!

My first Build In Public update!

I started working with my brother on building and bootstrapping a business.

We're now looking at competitors in our space (Twitter tools) to find opportunities to validate problems based on our new ideas.

These are the steps we've taken so far:
1. Narrowed down the type of business

We want:
- Software/website
- Small + lean (not VC)
- B2C > B2B
- Something that actually provides value (moral 😅)
- Goal: passive cash flow and/or sell (not IPO)

I think this fits well with the #buildinpublic bootstrapping community!
Just starting my #buildinpublic journey let's goooooo