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To developers: The technology you will use to finish a project is secondary.

For the love of God, start paying attention to what your code will be used for.

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For the last 3 months,
I have been step-by-step REDUCING my distractions to be more focused.
(on both physics and business work)

It brought results different than I expected.

Here's what they were...

#buildinpublic #stoic
It took me 3 days (or less actually) to get the first 300 users.

It took me 3 years to come up with a service that's capable of that.

Keep going.

New record of how many people simultaneously use my service!

Idea validation can be cumbersome.

I collected for you a list of solutions to use.

80% of ideas fail, don't let your idea be one of them.

Click on the attached image to see the website address.

You shuldn't hustle. Or more precisely, you shouldn't focus on that, it's a pretend-work metric that is n#buildinpublic ot actually focused on impact.

My latest post (on this) is here:
To eliminate (task) or not to eliminate. That is the question.