Any good indie alternatives to gmail for custom domain emails?

I feel like you guys might know? @RamenClubHQ

So @TallyForms is pretty damn awesome. Great UI and UX. Super easy to use.

Amazing that it’s bootstrapped and I was only listening to them not long ago on @indiebitespod

Roast my speech went live yesterday.

Now writing out the initial contact questionnaire and incorporating a blog. (To try and improve seo)

Using @reactjs @nextjs mdx

Roast my speech is live 🎉

Very much MVP at the moment.

I‘n doing a giveaway for 5 free best man speech roasts. (Dm me if you know someone in need).

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Working on the roastmyspeech landing page today.

Know anyone doing a best man speech soon?

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What is it about not having a job that puts such a fire under your arse? 😂

Do people get domain protection for their domains?

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Jet lag is fading. Time to get back onto @soapboxerco


Should I really focus on income first, or is the allure of another domain too tempting?

Thinking of wrapping my freelance work in an agency of one style like @dr and @BrettFromDJ

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Turns out you get a lot done when you consistently code each day.

Soapboxer mini admin area done & a very basic frontend done.

Time for some endpoints.

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Spent the first day without a job in the same position: behind a laptop coding.

Why does it feel so different on your own projects though?

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What are you recommendations for auth?

Auth0, supertokens, supabase?

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Am now unemployed.

I’ll be taking a leaf out of @dvassallo ‘s book.

First focusing on what I can do to not go back to a 9-5.

Let’s see how this goes 🚀

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Starting the frontend build out of

Using React as it’s what I know and to be honest enjoy using.

I really don’t think it matters what framework/library you use.

Just use what you understand and enjoy using.

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Basic design and plan for soapboxer done.

Went with good old fashioned paper instead of figma - for speed and my figma skill level 😀

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Next job for soapboxer:

Build some wireframes in @figma and pretend I’m a designer.

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Current focus for

- Keep promoting landing page to see if there’s any interest.

- Build the MVP anyway as it’s something I want to use.

- Start within a niche of public speaking - off the cuff speaking targeted at #toastmasters members.

Handed in my notice last month.

Only 3 weeks left until I go full time on freelance & my own projects.

Very very excited.

Any advice?
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Is going freelance a good step before going full indie maker?

Or best to stay in a job and build?

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How do you get traction/traffic with your blog?

Asking for a friend 👀

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