Any other bootstrappers / indie builders out here (have been) living in a van? #buildinpublic #indiedev #vanlife
Got my AWS founder credits, now let's see what cool stuff we can build with CDK 🚀

Work in progress on the details page.

✅ Functional breadcrumbs
✅ Collapsible sidebar
✅ Resizable sidebar

Next up;

⭐️ Editable properties
⭐️ Timeline
⭐️ Comments

Sales have been picking up in May, 50% revenue growth. Now let's keep up the trend 👌 #buildinpublic
So satisfying seeing customers build awesome stuff like this with my library 🚀

Some super cool products are being build with Saas UI Pro by our early adopters.

Take a look at this sexy dashboard 😍.
Am I doing this right?

I guess need to improve my keywords a bit.

Just published the next iteration of the Saas UI homepage.

Still missing a few things, but I couldn't wait to get something new out. 🚀

Would love to get some feedback 🙏

Working on an improved landingspage for @saas_js

What do you think? #buildinpublic
I've had an excellent start of the month, but I still need to start focusing more on marketing. This doesn't come very natural to me.

Revenue: €950,-
Followers: 138
Stars: 70

#buildinpublic @saas_js
What are the top 5 kpi’s that you are tracking as an indie developer?

Right now my focus is on these:
- Monthly revenue
- Unique visitors
- Conversion rate
- Twitter followers
- Github stars

One month after going public, I can say I need to focus more on marketing. Things started to stagnate in the second half. I'll be focussing on writing more content this month.

Followers: 123, Stars: 57, MRR: €198,-

#buildinpublic @saas_js