#Nocode is booming!

Who are some people I must follow in this sector?

#NoCode #buildinpublic
Hay you think about actual style controller in Design apps? #buildinpublic
Estoy comenzando una herramienta interna para @frotndrop, que debería usar? #buildinpublic
Lanzas un producto pronto? No te olvides de incluir analytics desde el día uno. Puedes usar Google analytics, @mixpanel o @fullstory 😇💡#buildinpublic
Ya es una realidad! …les presento las primeras interacciones de #buildinpublic
The first demo is here! :)
Which UI component do you hate to develop? 👀 #buildinpublic
Preparando la nueva landing para el lanzamiento de, algún advice? #buildinpublic @frontdrop
Any team with the correct set of tools, can be a AAA team. 👏🏽#startups #buildinpublic
In startups, get the market fit feels like the most hard thing in the world, do you have some advise for first founders? 👏🏽 #startups #indiehackers #buildinpublic #Metaverse
Hey #makers , im building this “Virtual office” to avoid burnout in remote or hybrid teams. Will be great if all the community can give me a honest feedback to make this product great. #buildinpublic #indiehackers #team #slack
Wisepath is getting better and better. Now you have Worskpaces with all built in, chats, tasks, notes and files storage. and is FREE :) #buildinpublic #indiedev #indiehackers
Productivity starts with a good prioritization strategy #buildinpublic #productmanagement
Productivity on your teams is related to the hours they expend on front of the computer? I think my team work better without mandatory hours of work 🧐 #buildinpublic
When the most experienced people say to you, launch quickly, they say launch something useful not necessarily beautiful, your first users will give the most valuable feedback ever and you always can fix all and continue developing #buildinpublic #makerlog
If you include some “trusted by thousands of companies” in your landing page to boost conversion, and its not true, marketing strategy or ethic problem? #buildinpublic #indiehackers
Create a new product is totally about user pains, not features. @IndieHackers @GetMakerlog #buildinpublic
How much is a good conversion rate talking about sign ups? #indiedev #buildinpublic
7 months, 2 people, @tailwindcss , @Firebase and @vercel as a good friends, we finally launch the redesign of 🎉❤️ the all in one tool your team needs, hope u enjoy it! #buildinpublic @IndieHackers #indiedev @ProductHunt
Hi twitter :) Wisepath is almost here :) just a few hours more…#buildinpublic #startups #indiedev
Weekly update: V2 Shoot, Spaces, Messages, Replies, now can create folders of docs and taskboards, embed almost any thing like figma and loom files on docs and task. Let me know what you think 👇 #BuildInPublicStripe #buildinpublic @wisepathio @IndieHackers