Currently working on an ✨exciting new feature✨ that will bring @oneclearline to the next level! πŸš€

I call this feature "Topic Awareness". 🧠

OCL will intelligently adjust the new readability score and reevaluate all the hard-to-read sentences. #buildinpublic
πŸ‘‹ Hey! Need your opinion on this πŸ‘€

I just added an animation for highlighting text in @oneclearline

Which one do you prefer?

1) Blinking Effect ✨
2) Swiping Effect πŸ’¨

It turned out the "Jump and Highlight" feature was easier than I imagined.

Since I have spare time, let me try adding some animation to it.

In ~15 mins time, I will be releasing @oneclearline , a Chrome extension for Google Docs, to the waiting list.

Wish me luck 🀞

πŸ– Chunky Paragraph Detection in @oneclearline

🟩 Each bar is a paragraph
πŸŸ₯ Red bars are paragraphs that exceeded the word count

Bar height depends on how many words there are in each paragraph.

I was wrong. 😩

I thought I could release @oneclearline by this week but ended up delaying the release... again.

Turns out we found bugs that require reworking the app architecture.

Good news is there is light at the end of the tunnel 🌀

πŸŒ• Added dark mode for @oneclearline Chrome Extension

My team will be using it for a week to catch all bugs before I release it to alpha users. 🐞

Created a list of users who expressed interest in trying out alpha version of @oneclearline #buildinpublic
πŸ€– The bot to check publishing errors is finally completed. πŸ€–

Another tool added to the toolbox to run the websites seamlessly without my intervention.

More hours not rescuing πŸ”₯ = More hours to chill and relax 🧘

#seo #automation #buildinpublic
[Update #1] πŸ€– "Rule-checker Bot" for published content

βœ… Create an *Audit API* that audits published content and checks for rule failures
βœ… Create a simple UI to use/test the API manually

#buildinpublic #Automation #seo

More info:πŸ‘‡