I need to send out a bunch of emails.

Looking for a mailing list service that is
- free/cheap for a small list size
- allows uploading emails
- simple for use

What could you recommend?

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Spent the whole week working on a better data aggregation mechanism for

Something cool is coming:
@guar47 I know that feeling too. I'm trying to pass by content creators without any ongoing or at least past projects.

Here are some of my favorite makers:

Browsing #buildinpublic from time to time also helps to find gems
I finished the migration of from plain JS to React.

I decided to do it because
- a more complex UI is expected in the future
- I'm familiar with React more than with vanilla
- it's easier to maintain and scale

First subscriptions to!


Today I made posts in all major bicycle touring communities and now starting to receive feedback.

Excited about the direction it goes πŸ˜ƒ

- made a few improvements for mobile users
- created favicon and previews for social networks
- set up prod deployment
- got a mess with DNS records, but successfully resolved it

Let's start day 7. The last one in this streak.

The goals for today
1 - Optimize the app for mobile
2 - Work on SEO
3 - Prepare for reaching the free limits of Mapbox
4 - Deploy to prod

Let's start day 6.

The goals for today
1 - Setup web analytics
2 - Optimize performance
3 - Test in different browsers and fix bugs

Added a waitlist using @TallyForms. Super easy with the embed form feature.

Let's start day 5.

The goals for today
1 - Setup deployment of the dev version
2 - Optimize loading time and add a preloading screen, if necessary
3 - Add sign up to the waitlist

The issue with weather data is fixed by changing the logic.

Now I calculate two ranges of temperature. One for the day and one for the night.

It works much better than separate parameters like min/max/average.

Also, it helped to make a more user-friendly UI.

Let's start day 4.

The goals for today
1 - Find the problem with the monthly temperature calculation and fix it
2 - Recalculate the temperature data
3 - Decide how the interface will look in the final version
4 - Implement this interface

Let's start day 3.

The goals for today
1 - Put the temperature on the map for all countries
2 - Add an interface for changing the month
3 - Add an interface for setting comfort temperature preferrences

Let's start day 2.

The goals for today
1 - Download and prepare average weather data for at least 5 countries
2 - Display one weather parameter on the map for these countries


Results of the day:
- province boundaries are ready
- script for downloading weather data is ready
- started implementing the binding of provinces with weather stations

Here is a picture of boundaries to visualize the progress:
Let's start day 1.

The goals for today
1 - Get data on all boundaries of all countries and their provinces.
2 - Draw it on a map and run it locally.
3 - Find the source of temperature averages.

It's time to build something useful.

Timing: 1 week to build and launch.

Problem: plan a long-distance trip based on the weather.

Solution: a map that shows an average/min/max temperature for any month in any place in the world.

Starting tomorrow.

I will #buildinpublic
1 response on FB, 1 reponse on Reddit. That is below my expectations.

- some countries are not popular for touring
- people don't have experience in such countries and have nothing to share
- there are local FB communities in some countries

The experiment is not going great. Too few responses.

Raising the stakes and posting on Reddit 😱

I have a new idea for bicycle tourists. This time I am trying to validate it a bit differently.

1 - write out risks
2 - collect data on them
3 - make hypotheses and test them on real people

Also, it's all public…