Made an Upsell paywall.

This is the first version of an upsell paywall in my app Reels Templates. It is an alternative paywall for users who don’t concert. My goal is to run experiments with it and boost the revenue by 15% with it 🧵

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That scarry feeling when you ask a question on StackOverflow and people say my problem is a bug on Apple side...something that was working in iOS 15 stopped working in iOS 16 and that code I have in production. Gotta find a work aroudn quick.

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My very first customer who signed up for Premium the next day after the app launch is still with me 🔥

If only there was a way to contact him, I would gift him something! All I know is that he is from 🇮🇱

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Stats after 13 weeks of "Reels Templates" launch:

⬇️ Downloads: 22.7k
🤑 Paid subscribers: 893
💰 MRR: $3749
⏱️ Trials: 385

3 months since launch. New update still in works. Hopefully reaching 1000 paid subs by next week.

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Just implemented Halloween content in both of my apps Reels Templates and @r4veapp 🎃

Are you guys going to reflect the holiday in your apps/products?

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Stats after 12 weeks of "Reels Templates" launch:

⬇️ Downloads: 18.5k
🤑 Paid subscribers: 697
💰 MRR: $2944
⏱️ Trials: 346

Time flies! Already almost 3 months since launch. New influencer gave me a massive boost in all metrics.

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One more influencer promoted "Reels Templates" in exchange for a PRO version which resulted in a HUGE increase of all metrics.

All previous records had been beaten (downloads, DAU, revenue wise). Huge thanks to her and her audience.

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Stats after 11 weeks of "Reels Templates" launch:

⬇️ Downloads: 14.2k
🤑 Paid subscribers: 550
💰 MRR: $2298
⏱️ Trials: 240

Still getting traction from that one influencer post on social media from last week. Also keep working on the new update.

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What a journey 👀 Better later than never, I guess.

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Stats after 10 weeks of "Reels Templates" launch:

⬇️ Downloads: 10.7k
🤑 Paid subscribers: 420 (haha funny number)
💰 MRR: $1806
⏱️ Trials: 193

Got a decent boost from one influencer post on social media. Also got accepted to Apple Small Dev program!

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Someone made a video on Instagram and TikTok about my app "Reels Templates" which resulted in a lot of downloads from Spain 🇪🇸. I love about Photo & Video apps that quite often marketing can be done for you by influencers for free 🥲

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Stats after 9 weeks of "Reels Templates" launch:

⬇️ Downloads: 9k
🤑 Paid subscribers: 348
💰 MRR: $1505
⏱️ Trials: 126

Now working on a new feature: adding text & effects to custom templates. It will take me some time to build...

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Now on a 4 days vacation at Azores islands. No coding, no worrying, no laptop - just a small retreat from the “hustle”.

And then back to work ✨

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👀After 1k MMR pass, can I now officially share my stack for "Reels Templates"?

Here it is then:

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🚀 Passed 1k MMR mark 15 days prior the plan with my app "Reels Templates". Now aiming for the 2k!

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🤯 I planned to spend half a day on building this feature and it took me 3 DAYS to implement it.

Finally made a search function to find Reels templates or categories. Easy to do on paper but was a challenge with my data model...

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Stats after 6 weeks of "Reels Templates" launch:

⬇️ Downloads: 5.3k
🤑 Paid subscribers: 178
💰 MRR: $862
⏱️ Trials: 139

Introduced Business Mode for users with business accounts on IG, added a new screenshot on App Store.

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Last 7 days stats:

1st screenshot: amount of paywall showings sorted by features which triggered it

2nd screenshot: actual trial activations/purchases, also sorted by trigger feature

Conclusion: 🧵

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Stats after 5 weeks of "Reels Templates" launch:

⬇️ Downloads: 3.4k
🤑 Paid subscribers: 121
💰 MRR: $603
⏱️ Trials: 87

Haven't done much last week cuz got ill and had some other thing to deal with. Want to add a lot this week!

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