Everyone talks about sales.
Everyone talks about MRR.
Everyone talks about marketing.

Nobody talks about 301 URL re-directs.
Because it’s def not sexy.

But it’s necessary…

So, I’m configuring ~1,800 URL redirects our SEO doesn’t tank when switching CMS’s!

Work in silence, let your success be your noise 🙌 (said nobody on twitter) #buildinpublic
Currently at 30k page views/month 😻

$1,700 MRR...

4,500+ in CRM...

1,200+ accounts...

Chrome extension & product launch coming soon!

Thanks to @outseta, @webflow, @zapier and @airtable for being our #nocode stack 📈 #buildinpublic
Q3 2021 stats 📈…

Next month, we are releasing 2 major new features 🚀

#nocode #buildinpublic
We’re now doing weekly events! 📅

Last week, @thisiskp_ did a #buildinpublic masterclass💪

Who’s next?

How about @arvidkahl for an AMA on bootstrapping; Will you do it?

This is a BIG ask and I expect him to say no! But, in the spirit of building in public, here it goes.
Amazing insights via ⁦@LumaHQ⁩ from today’s #buildinpublic masterclass. If you aren’t using Luma to activate your community, you should be!
My favorite line from today’s #buildinpublic masterclass.

“Twitter is slack for the world“ — @thisiskp_
Awesome #buildinpublic masterclass today! Thank you to @thisiskp_ from @beondeck and all of the guests 🙏
🚨 Happening in 2 Hours 🚨

#buildinpublic masterclass with @thisiskp_ from @beondeck

👇 Free Registration 👇
Tomorrow is our #buildinpublic masterclass with @thisiskp_ from @beondeck.

Registration is open and FREE 🔻
A few more stats, ⁦the @ProductHunt⁩ launch yesterday was a shot of adrenaline. #buildinpublic #nocode
Join @thisiskp_ from @beondeck and NCD this Saturday for a #buildinpublic no-code masterclass 🧑‍🎓

📆: Saturday June 12th
⏲️: 2PM est
📏: 45 minutes

🔽 Register Here 🔽
🚨Breaking News🚨

I've decided to make my analytics public.

Learn from my mistakes.

Have a look 👀

#buildinpublic #NoCode
With these 3 tools, you can build anything 😉

@Formstack 👉
@webflow 👉
@outseta 👉

Watch us build our #SaaS using these tools 🎉
Our stack has been finalized 👏


As we build, each step will be tweeted. Also, we will have a dedicated #buildinpublic page with all of our stats (members, mrr, growth etc)

Stay tuned 😊