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Day 4 of Rebuilding

Currently, Rentt doesn't require any login or signup. But to keep the platform secure and safe. I am adding login and signup form.
Today, I built a login form for Rentt
Day 3 of Rebuilding

Today I Rebuilt landing page for Rennt. But I'm confused which one is better. The one which is live now or the one which I built.

Join me in my journey of Rebuilding Rentt.

A platform to make renting easier and faster.
#Rentt #BuildInPublic
Day 2 of Rebuilding #buildinpublic

Today I decided what technologies to use. Spent my time researching on different Technologies.
Here's What I'm gonna use. Check Thread 👇
Day 1: #buildinpublic

Today I listed all vulnerabilities that might be threat to user data and web server. I found ways to keep web app secure.
Beginner to SEO but I think it's good.
I'm planning to rebuild with lots of new features and improvements. I'll #buildinpublic