How do you validate SaaS ideas? Landing page & ads?
What's the best book on building a startup?

Experienced builders, how much time & money you invest in MVP and the idea before you really focus your time and energy in building that startup? #BuildinPublic…
As tweeted before, I will #buildinpublic a data science project.

What would you be interested to see in the process?

Doing this for the first time and thought it would be cool to engage in something different in this community.

But also, a great way to learn and improve……
Why more people don't #buildinpublic with no-code tools? Is it a scalability problem?
.@sama said they decided to #buildinpublic by releasing GPT versions, which adds to the theory that it's a great way to build a product people need today.
Let's #buildinpublic a machine learning project. Will document it here.
Is there a roadmap/guide on how to build something for beginners? #buildinpublic
Can someone share the #BuildInPublic article @sama & @lexfridman mentioned in their podcast?