Just re-designed and re-architected the Blogs for Landings.

It uses Markdown format internally, so its super easy for me to push out more blogs 🚀

Until now the blogs were made with pure code 😅

Before -> After

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⚠️ SEO Update -

Landings just went up in Domain Rating, from 14 to 18.

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@remotejoeclark @pierre_Jacquel The amount of good feedback I get is crazy. #buildinpublic is the best
Seems Open Graph Images are quite popular among the users of Landings

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Open Graph Image Gallery is finally live on Landings 😀

I released a half-assed version last week with only a few samples to test interest.

Because of demand I polished it up and released a whole library.

Have fun getting inspiration 😀

Will be working on Landings for the next 4 hours.

Need to
- Process all the OG images of existing websites
- Properly integrate infinite scrolling for OG gallery
- Release the new design changes


Making small design changes to Landings
- Added logo
- Aligned navbar contents to the left
- Different Animation on hover

@hashnode Tech Twitter. Specifically the #buildinpublic community
Big Reveal 🫢

The most common question I get is where does the traffic for Landings come from.

Top 5 traffic sources since the launch

AMA 👇 Let's go! 🚀

56% increase in session duration today.

My guess is its because of the newly added Open Graph Image examples 🤔

Added a little something to Landings ✨

Still in MVP but wanted to push out to see the interest. Feels great to be back to shipping new stuff after a while 😄

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Landings has served a mind-blowing 300k requests in the last 30 days 🤯

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I used to hate No-Code tools.

But recently I have been obsessed with automating things to be more productive.

Looking for some inspiration. What do you guys automate using no-code tools ? 🤔

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Since the launch of Landings in November,

Total Visits - 66K
Total Users - 14K

Strong way to finish the year 😄
Looking to scale these numbers 10x in 2023 🚀

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Gaining followers is cool and all 😄

But the real validation is when people add you to their Twitter Lists in your niche.

Super hyped and grateful that my tweets are useful for #buildinpublic 🙏
Exciting news!

Landings, just moved up to the second page of Google search results for a relevant keyword.

SEO can be challenging, but it's definitely worth the effort. Time to double down and keep climbing the ranks!

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Days like today validate that building in public was a great decision.

Sure, it comes with its challenges, but the benefits far outweigh any drawbacks.

If you're considering it, I highly recommend giving it a try.

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Every successful website has a similar growth trajectory
- Spikes during launch
- Comes down to a baseline level
- Slowly gets back up

Landings is at the second stage right now and most of the hard work is ahead 💪

Exciting times !! 🚀

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Backlinks update for Landings 🔔

Went to 14 Domain Rating 📈

Building backlinks is a very slow process so make sure you start early and consistently work on it. Will pay massive benefits in the future 🙌

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