We have started creating content for Superhero Drawing Contest that will be conducted in Feb 2023.
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Implemented toast message/popup yesterday for the website. Toast messages are good way to represent user message without occupying much space
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Busy in festive season today. So no much startup work today. But need to train my team member about facebook story planner
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Created content!! So there is a wonderful website that animates kid's drawing
So I selected some of the drawings from our last Mother's day contest and created some good catchy content using this website

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No startup work today.
Need break to refresh my mind.
I will just continue with regular office work 9-6 :)
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One of my customer today was not happy with the print quality. So we have processed an another product with same design for free. Ofcourse we increased the quality/pixel of drawing.
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Social Media stories seems to have bought me 1-2 orders. So I uploaded/scheduled all customer reviews for next 45 days using facebook planner
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Missed it..too late!!
Went to school today in Mumbai to discuss around organising online drawing contest for kids in their school but they have Ganpati Holidays. They asked me to come again after vacations
How do I promote kid's drawing?
I will try to get some contacts in an art school. I have got one in Mumbai, India.
Lets see how it works
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I have shortlisted the one from numerous ideas I had in my mind
The idea -
"Promoting, encouraging and monetization of kid's drawing"
Why this? Just trying to be in my comfort zone so selected the feasible and executable one with something related to creativity
In my past experience I failed in a business related to T-shirts. It was purely related to POD. So with this failed experience I wanted to build something related to a D2C.
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I have 0 followers here except following my own page 😁 So perfect place to document my entrepreneurial journey to build my own product
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