#buildinpublic lessons learned 🚧

Create simple designs of your product at the beginning:

✅It's easier for you to build
✅You have at least something to show on the pre-launch landing page
Seeking progress, not perfection! ✨

Don't be a victim of your own perfectionism, especially during MVP development. Remember, it's about delivering value quickly

Thanks to @tailwindui, I made the landing page in one evening.

It's more than enough for the MVP and product launch

Now, I can focus on marketing and building the app itself

🚧 I still don't have a profile header picture

What should I put there? Any tips?

I don't schedule nor AI generate my tweets.

I try to be spontaneous and share what's on my mind.
I'm here to build relationships, not followers

Just finished setting up my codebase.

I know it won't bring me additional customers,

but I'll enjoy the process more 😅

Want a to start a new project?

✅ opt for an "X" Alternative, not market disruption

Join proven markets for better chances of success

How to avoid annoying your potential customers:

1️⃣ Add a prominent "Pricing" link in both the header and footer of your landing page
2️⃣ Avoid placing a "Request a demo" button anywhere
3️⃣ Display monthly pricing by default instead of yearly

Do you agree or not?

@ThePeterMick Hi Peter - it's an awesome idea! Really appreciate 👏

I'm Nikolas, #indiehackers wannabe. Tweeting daily about build my two projects (B2B and B2C). Sharing every step, stumble & milestone 🌟

Hey fellow #indiehackers 👋

What's your opinion on Twitter Blue?

Is it worth it in the early stages of building a social presence, or will good value always surpass paid Twitter Blue?

Project lift-off checklist:
✅ MVP roadmap
✅ Defined target group
✅ Ready UI mocks
✅ Chosen tech stack
✅ $0 MRR 😅

Here's the simple formula for your startup's success:
✨ 10% luck
✨ 90% perseverance
✨ 10% being poor at math

A tech solo founder faces two battles:

👊 Trying to stay ahead of the competition and managing churn

👊Balancing marketing and sales while coding remains their favorite part of this journey

You see...

Get started with Google Domains

...and you know what's coming! 🚀

Starting a project? Want an organized task list?

I've tried Jira, Linear, GitHub Project, and even Notion's kanban view.

But guess what? As a solo founder, I found that good ol' pen and paper did the trick! ✍️

What tools have you tried?

Is a B2C SaaS really that hard and not worth the effort?

I'm creating a roadmap for my new SaaS.

At the same time, I know that everything I've planned will change a few times.

What's your experience with making detailed plans?

Unpopular opinion:

Trying to do side projects while working full-time?

No time?

Just delete Instagram/TikTok/YouTube apps from your phone

(instantly free up +2 hours every day)

I broke the two-day rule.

Getting back to writing code after a break will be extremely difficult.

@mantinedev modals manager can save you a lot of time!

I will probably use notifications system (also from Mantine) in the near future. #buildinpublic