I broke the two-day rule.

Getting back to writing code after a break will be extremely difficult.

@mantinedev modals manager can save you a lot of time!

I will probably use notifications system (also from Mantine) in the near future. #buildinpublic
Adding new features to a product that needs marketing will not bring you more users. #buildinpublic
I'm in the middle of migration from @tailwindui to @mantinedev in my app.

I see significant increase in productivity and speed of implementing new features.

It's time to start being an active user in the @IndieHackers community.

Long time lurker here 🙈

It's better to make a mistake in choosing a framework or library and have customers.

Than choosing the right framework and having no clients. #buildinpublic
Today I solved a big issue with my database design 🎉

Making great progress #buildinpublic
Using Next.js gives frontend developers a huge advantage in creating full stack applications.

However, as a frontend developer, I am still struggling with the proper database design for my application. 🙈

Sometimes its easier to start your abandoned project from scratch than to continue to write code after a few months of break. #buildinpublic

Just typed npx create-next-app - I'm trying to ship something meaningful one more time.