I just designed some frames in Figma to present my product @airtweetco in a simplified way. I have turned it into a GIF, still a work in progress. #buildinpublic
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I built an integration between Airtable and Twitter.

Currently supported:
• Tweet scheduling

I will create two more features:
• Scheduling threads
• Gpt-3 for inspiration and enhance tweets

Next, I will focus on validation and marketing. #buildinpublic
Making this 🌎 a better place one meal at a time. My brother's new #reusable packaging service,, just landed its first customer - and I helped out with the back-end code! #buildinpublic
Day 1 of @MeetKevon's Twitter Friends series is underway and already helped me improve my Twitter profile! Lots of great tips are provided to help me connect with like-minded people. If you're looking to make Twitter friends, I recommend you check out the course! #buildinpublic