I'm working on deploying the Telegram bot on DigitalOcean for my $RNDR SaaS.

I'm finally making progress and getting closer to the rollout!

The telegram bot of my #SaaS for $RNDR node operators is almost complete!

Users can use choice various options to manage nodes from their phones .

The beauty of #buildinpublic is that it allows you to share your journey and learn from others.

Building a SaaS company is all about iteration and learning, so don't be afraid to share your progress (and setbacks) with your audience.

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I'm working on the first version of a desktop app that will allow $RNDR node operators to quickly check their earnings, monitor and manage their nodes through a Telegram bot.

Users will scan the QR code to sync their node to the app.

I'm currently building the earnings feature for the RNDR node operator Telegram bot.

Do you think a custom date option is necessary, or is it okay to stick with standard options like "Today," "Yesterday," and "Last week"?

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I'm working on a solution for $RNDR node operators to easily manage and monitor their nodes, track earnings, and more.

What are you working on?

1/ In the world of #SaaS, it's crucial to have a strong focus on building and marketing. These two elements should go hand in hand rather than being treated as separate entities.

#Building and #marketing should coexist in the SaaS world.


I just switched from Telegraf to grammY to build a Telegram bot for my SaaS, and I love it!

grammY has a clean and intuitive API and excellent documentation. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to build a Telegram bot.

Have you used it before?

The city's neon lights blazed brightly, casting a sickly glow over the crowded streets.

As an #indiehacker, I walked with a purpose; my mind focused on the task.

I had a vision and was determined to make it a reality for my #saas.

Another small piece added to my little in-development #saas.

Building a product is like building a house. Your daily work adds new bricks to your house.

As I started building my first SaaS, I noticed how much attention you need to make the UI/UX pretty and easy for the end user.

Put some time into thinking about how your users will use your application.

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@barak_edut I'm starting my #buildinpublic journey to make sure I continue to build and share what I do.

It helps a lot for consistence.
The more I make, the more I see how fun it is to do it. I also realize that it takes discipline to succeed. What do you put failure to? You learn from your mistakes and move on.

#saas #buildinpublic is an amazing framework for building apps with real-time bi-directional communication.

I didn't know about it but I work with it now and my desktop and Telegram bot talk in real-time.

Pretty cool! 😮

What do you use this for?

I started using Tailwind UI... and I love it!

I can build my application professionally and fast! Also, it's mobile-friendly.

My time saving is good enough to pay for this otherwise I wouldn't get it.

I’m creating an application for #RNDR node operators where you will be able to track real-time earnings.

You’ll be able to monitor and control your rigs directly from your smartphone.

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Here's how it will work 👇