Everyone experiences anxiety around deadlines.

But deadlines should really be called "freedom-lines." They are here to save you, to set you free to do your best work.

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It's easy to get lost, assessing the competition.

If you're developing an app, try these 8 actionable metrics to get a handle on what's out there already.

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Innovators, creatives, entrepreneurs: to find your product-market fit, you need to define your market.

But how? Stop churning and get focused, with the #jtbd market definition canvas:

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Most of the apps on your phone drain you β€” but some can help you achieve big wins, by measuring effort over time and nudging towards incremental improvements.

See how it works. Can it help make perfect πŸ•?

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Entrepreneurs, creatives, indies: don't get lost in the quicksand of product branding. Here's a 1-hour brand story toolkit that will get you in the clear.

I've tried it out for my #buildinpublic perfect πŸ• app: what do you think?

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Who likes pizza?

I've been inspired by indie devs and #buildinpublic to build an app to make perfect πŸ•.

Over the next 30 days, I'm writing about product dev, UX, and πŸ• as a part of @dickiebush's and @nicolascole77's #ship30for30

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