Secrets stored properly. ✅
Tokens are no longer hard coded. ✅
Lists + CRUD. 🚫
Automated deployments. 🚫

So much to do, but it's a GM. 🌄

Chatting with other founders today as well and stoked for that. 😎

Things are looking good - exciting times! 🦄

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If you found this insightful, entertaining, or you just wanna tell me I should have used something else give me a follow @ncb000gt and we can chat. 😎

I'll have more to detail as I @usecubed in public. 👨‍💻

Turns out that debugging AWS lambdas can be a giant pain in the ass.

A story - let's get into it.

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When you're driving you may swerve to dodge something in the road. It may feel like failing at driving, but you're still driving. 🚗

The same is true of startups.

Avoiding showstoppers or pivoting isn't failure- it's practical and necessary. 👀

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"Failure" is not wasted time or taking backward steps.

When you're paying attention, you can learn from failure.

Reframe failure so that you're still making progress.

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Been working to release the very first, and embarrassing 🙃, version of @usecubed.

I need to:
🔑 Remove hard coded keys, secrets, and tokens
🔒 Encrypt secret data appropriately in the db
🥳 Get the first user

Getting close now. 😎

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"The customer is always right" doesn't mean "the individual customer is always right".

It means that if you constantly ignore what your customers want/need then you'll soon be out of business.

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It's Monday. LFG!

What do you plan to accomplish this week?

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It's so hard building something on the side. Can't work on things nearly as much as you want.

How do you manage this desire to do more with so much less time?

Any other founders who'd be down for a weekly or bi-weekly zoom chat for an hour or so.

Thinking of a standup format to discuss current focus, blockers, and see if there's any questions that anyone can help resolve quickly.

Appealing or nah?

First view of what the data sources/integrations screen looks like inside @usecubed.

Thoughts or questions?

Trying out @linear for tasks/issues and so far so good. I think it will help coordinate dev and _non_ dev work.

Still learning the key bindings, but I've been looking for something better to Github issues for a long time that wasn't as big as Jira.

An observation while looking out my window this afternoon: trees are well rooted allowing them to flex with the wind. 💨🌳🍃

The parallel: you have a lot more flexibility when you are well rooted.

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Trying to think ahead to subscription management. Anyone have a tool/service they prefer? I was thinking of using @outseta, but have no xp with it.

How was it to use?
How was it to integrate?
How's the API?
Should I look at something else?

For Cubed:

🎙️ I've interviewed 3 people about Cubed.
🤦‍♂️ I didn't record any because *whoops*.
💻 I've spent less than a month of total dev time on it.

🥳 So far pretty exciting feedback.

Would love to set up some more interviews if any of you are interested.

When you started to #buildinpublic how did you go about it? Did you just open the flood gates or did you only share certain information? Even now, what are you choosing to share?

I'm trying to make some of those decisions now.